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Cannabis Growing Advice From The Legendary Jorge Cervantes

Read our exclusive interview with cannabis legend Jorge Cervantes

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The Importance of Airflow When Growing Cannabis

Learn to help your plants breathe a little easier.

What is Coco Coir and How do I use it to Grow Better Weed

Coco coir is a popular medium for growing cannabis. Find out why.

2022 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Ideas!

A Complete History of CBD and Hemp-Derived Products

Learn the continuing history of the hemp plant and CBD

How To Make Homemade Cannabis Drinks and Cocktails

Learn to make your own cannabis infusion and cocktails at home using your our weed

Where to Find Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Where do you find quality nutrients for cannabis? We can help!

How to Trim, Dry, and Cure your Cannabis

Drying and curing your bud is arguably the most important factor in an amazing final...[Read More]


Growing Weed Outdoors Timeline (Infographic)

Get a quick idea of what the outdoor cannabis growing timeline looks like.


How to Grow Weed Outdoors in California?

Ready to take advantage of Cali weather and cultivate sticky, sun-grown cannabis? Learn when to...[Read More]


What Cannabis Fertilizer Do You Need For Growing Weed?

This article answers many of the common questions concerning fertilizer and cannabis.

How to Cool Down a Cannabis Grow Tent That’s Too Hot

Let's talk about cooling down a grow tent!

2021 Christmas Cannabis Gift Guide

A selection of gift ideas any pot grower would love for Christmas.

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Foliar Feeding: How it Works and How to Do It

Foliar feeding is a term for applying a mist of nutrients directly to a plant’s...[Read More]

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How to Super Crop Your Cannabis Plants – And Why You Should

Super cropping uses the cannabis plant’s healing abilities to the grower’s favor. It's an extremely...[Read More]


Understanding the Potency of Your Cannabis

How potent will your home grown cannabis be?

7 cannabis strains that help you with creativity

These are the strain to try when being creative

Why You Should Keep a Cannabis Grow Journal

Since our plants can't tell us what they need themselves, it's up to us to...[Read More]