Looking for Cannabis Seeds?

Finding cannabis seeds can be really hard if you don’t know where to start. Since Reefertilizer wants to make growing weed easier, we have put together this list of trusted cannabis seed retailers.

Seeds are expensive but what’s nice about a lot of these online retailers is that they usually give you a few free seeds with every order.

Be sure to check your local laws about growing cannabis before you order.

Top 3 tips for selecting cannabis seeds

1 – Choose the right cultivar for your growing conditions. For example, sativa dominant cultivars have a long flowering time and don’t usually do well outdoors in northern climates.

2 – If it’s your first time growing weed choose an easy-to-grow cultivar. Not all types of cannabis are easy to grow. Start with a resilient cultivar like white widow or northern lights before moving on to something that will require more attention.

3 – You get what you pay for. Cannabis seeds are expensive but what you’re paying for is years of selective breeding to create solid and trusted genetics. Good genetics means your plants will be more consistent and less prone to stress and going hermaphroditic. Choose seeds from a reputable breeder. If they are expensive wait until there is a sale. 

Quality Cannabis Seed Banks


These guys have been in the cannabis seed game since 2002. They were the first seedbank to sell autoflowering and CBD genetics.
Based in Europe but they ship worldwide without a problem and offer insurance if your package goes missing.
They carry some of the best know breeders in the world including Dutch Passion, Barney’s Farm, and Humboldt.

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Visit Seedsman Seed Bank


I Love Growing Marijuana is an cannabis seed bank and blog. Like Reefertilizer, ILGM.com has the goal of getting more people growing their own high quality cannabis at home. They are based out of California and only ship within the USA.
They provides plenty of growing guidance on their blog and have a handy Grow Bible you can download for free.

Visit ILGM Seed Bank

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

These guys are USA only so you’re out of luck if you live anywhere else. They are based in California, do their own breeding, and have excellent reviews.
They also provide amazing support and plenty of cannabis growing guidance.
Another amazing thing is their germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t sprout they will replace them without a fuss. This is huge when seeds are $10 a pop. I am unaware of any other seedbank that offers this.

Visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. Seed Bank

34 Street Seed Co.

Founded in Western Canada by ANC Cannabis Inc. 34 Street Seed Co breeds quality genetics for growers who want the best. With a wide selection of offerings, 34 Street Seed Co is bringing together quality products and expertise, to cultivate the highest success rate for our customers. Their seeds are only available from the legal cannabis market in Canada.

Visit 34 Street Seed co.

Blimburn Seeds

Founded by growers with more then fifteen years experience in the scene, blimburn is well known for the high quality of its seeds. All blimburn seeds are completely unique and are the results of years of study, hard work and stabilisation

Visit Blimburn Seed Bank

Canuk Seeds

Headquartered in Canada, Canuk Seeds strives to provide amateur, professional and medical marijuana growers with the very best Cannabis Genetics from around the World. They have a great selection of their own genetics as well as seed variety packs called Canuk puks. They’re based in Ontario Canada but ship worldwide.

Visit Canuk Seed Bank

Ask your provincial or state cannabis retailers for seeds.

The seed sellers listed above have an amazing number of strains available. Reefertilizer makes a small commission when you follow the link and make a purchase.

Now that cannabis is being legalized in many places there are more local options for seeds and cannabis products.
Craft cannabis growers in your area might also have some unique choices not available through these stores.
Support your local craft cannabis growers whenever you can!