How to Wash Your Outdoor Cannabis Buds After Harvest

Cannabis grown outdoors is exposed to the elements, which can leave it covered in dirt, dust, pollen, insects, and other contaminants. While these contaminants may not always be harmful, they can affect the flavor and overall quality of your finished product.

Washing your outdoor cannabis harvest is a simple way to remove these contaminants and ensure that your buds are clean and smokable. It can also help to improve the flavor of your cannabis by removing any residual pesticides or fertilizers.

In this blog post, I will share insights on how to wash cannabis buds safely and effectively without affecting their quality. So first, let’s dive into What is bud washing?

What is bud washing?

Bud washing is a meticulous post-harvest technique that has gained popularity among cannabis cultivators seeking to elevate the quality of their outdoor harvests. It is the process of cleaning cannabis buds after harvest to remove contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, insects, and mold spores. It can also help to remove residual pesticides and fertilizers.


At its core, bud washing involves the careful cleaning of freshly harvested cannabis buds. 


While the idea of washing your precious buds may seem counterintuitive as it may wash away the flavorful terpenes and potent delicacies, it is, in fact, a method designed to improve their overall quality.

Bud washing is not necessary, but it is a good practice for outdoor growers, especially those who grow in areas with high levels of pollution or who use pesticides. It can also be beneficial for indoor growers who have problems with pests or diseases.


It’s a practice that, when done correctly, can result in cannabis that not only looks pristine but also provides a more refined and enjoyable consumption experience. 


In the following sections, we’ll explore why this practice is gaining traction and whether it’s the right choice for your cannabis cultivation journey.


Why Should You Wash Your Outdoor Buds?

As a seasoned cannabis grower, I will help you understand the significance of bud washing for outdoor cannabis crops. Here are the three reasons:

  • Contaminant Removal: Outdoor cannabis plants are exposed to the elements, which means they can accumulate unwanted contaminants like dust, debris, and even bird poop (yuck!). Bud washing effectively eliminates these undesirables. Think of it as giving your buds a refreshing shower to remove any impurities.
  • Enhanced Appearance and Cleanliness: One of the most apparent benefits of bud washing is the improvement in the overall appearance and cleanliness of your cannabis buds. Clean buds not only look better, but they also convey a sense of quality and care in your cultivation process. Like polishing a gem to reveal its true brilliance.
  • Flavor and Aroma Potential: When it comes to the sensory experience of cannabis consumption, flavor and aroma play a significant role. Bud washing can potentially enhance these aspects. By removing contaminants that might interfere with the natural terpenes and cannabinoids present in the buds, you’re more likely to enjoy a purer and more robust cannabis flavour and aroma profile.


What Solutions to Wash Your Buds In?

When it comes to washing your dirty outdoor cannabis buds, you need to know what top wash them in. Let’s explore the most common options and their respective benefits:

1. Water-Only:

Why and When to Use:

Use water-only for lightly soiled buds; it’s gentle and natural. Perfect for a final rinse in the bud-washing process.

  • Positives: Water is a natural and gentle option for bud washing. It helps remove surface contaminants without the use of chemicals.
  • Negatives: While water is safe, it may not be as effective as other solutions in removing certain residues like pests or stubborn debris.
  • Recommendation: Water-only washing is suitable for lightly soiled buds and is a good choice if you prefer an all-natural approach. Wash your buds and then let them dry slowly before curing.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Water Mix:

Why and When to Use:

Hydrogen peroxide is ideal for mold or mildew concerns during bud washing. Use it when you spot potential issues to maintain bud quality.

For bud washing, use a 1-2% hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with water. You can use standard 3% hydrogen peroxide, diluting it with two parts water to achieve the desired concentration. 

  • Positives: Hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant and can help break down contaminants. It’s especially useful when dealing with potential mold or mildew issues.
  • Negatives: Improper dilution or excessive use of hydrogen peroxide can damage trichomes and affect the final product’s quality.
  • Recommendation: Use a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution (around 1-2%) sparingly when you suspect mold or want a more thorough cleansing, but exercise caution to avoid overuse.

3. Baking Soda and Water Mix:

Why and When to Use:

Choose baking soda and water mix for effective, gentle cleaning of buds. Ideal for moderate contaminant removal without compromising flavor.

For bud washing, use a mild solution of approximately 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water. This dilution strikes a balance between effectiveness and avoiding residue buildup on the buds.

  • Positives: Baking soda is a natural cleaner that can help remove contaminants and enhance bud cleanliness.
  • Negatives: Using too much baking soda may leave a residue on the buds or affect their flavor.
  • Recommendation: Employ a mild baking soda solution (approximately 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water) when you want an effective yet gentle cleaning option. Be cautious not to overdo it, rinse with fresh water.

Which Solution Is Best?

The choice of bud-washing solution depends on your specific needs and the condition of your outdoor cannabis buds. Here’s a quick recommendation:

  • For Light Cleaning: Water-only washing is a safe and natural choice.
  • For Contaminant Removal: Consider a mild baking soda and water mix.
  • For Mold or Mildew Concerns: Opt for a properly diluted hydrogen peroxide and water mix.

Useful Tips

  • Regardless of your choice, always exercise care and moderation.
  • Be gentle when washing your buds to avoid losing trichomes or terpenes. Using room temperature water is recommended. 
  • Remember that proper drying and curing are equally crucial for maintaining the overall quality of your final product.

How to Wash Your Outdoor Buds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Washing your dirty outdoor cannabis buds is a crucial step to ensure they are clean, contaminant-free, and of the highest quality. Follow this simple guide to wash those buds you worked so hard to grow:

Step 1: Preparation (Gathering Equipment)

Before you begin the bud-washing process, gather the necessary equipment:

You will need:

  • A clean, food-grade container or bucket large enough to accommodate your harvested buds.
  • Water (preferably distilled or purified).
  • Optional washing solutions (water-only, hydrogen peroxide and water mix, or baking soda and water mix).
  • A gentle agitation tool (like a soft-bristle brush or a gloved hand).
  • A clean, dry surface for drying your buds, such as a drying rack or a clean towel.

Step 2: Harvesting the Buds

Ensure that your cannabis buds are properly harvested before starting the washing process. Here’s what to do:

  • Using sanitized pruning shears or scissors, carefully cut the branches with mature buds from your cannabis plant.
  • Handle the buds gently to avoid damaging the trichomes.
  • Remove any large leaves and stems, leaving only the well-formed buds.

Step 3: Soaking and Agitating

Now, let’s move on to the bud-washing process:

  • Fill the Container: Fill your container or bucket with enough water to submerge your buds completely.
  • Optional Washing Solution: If you choose to use a washing solution, add it to the water as per the recommended dilution. For water-only washing, simply use clean water.
  • Immerse the Buds: Gently place your harvested buds into the water or solution mixture.
  • Agitate Carefully: Gently stir the buds in the water for a few minutes. This will help dislodge contaminants and debris from the surface of the buds.

Step 4: Rinsing and Drying

After agitating, it’s time to rinse and dry your buds:

  • Rinse Thoroughly: Carefully remove the buds from the water or solution and place them under clean, running water. Rinse them thoroughly to remove any residue from the washing process.
  • Drain Excess Water: Allow the buds to drain for a moment to remove excess water.
  • Drying Setup: Arrange your rinsed buds on a clean drying surface, ensuring they are spread out and not overcrowded. A drying rack or hanging from a line works well for this purpose.
  • Patience is Key: Let your buds air dry in a cool, dark place with good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can degrade the quality of your buds. Be patient; the drying process may take several days to a couple of weeks, depending on humidity levels.

Practical Tips and Best Practices:

  • Use cool or lukewarm water to avoid damaging the trichomes.
  • Be gentle when agitating the water or washing the buds.
  • Do not overcrowd the buckets.
  • Keep your work area clean and sanitized throughout the process.
  • If using a washing solution, follow the recommended dilution instructions carefully.
  • Regularly inspect your buds during drying to ensure they are drying evenly and not developing mold or mildew.
  • Maintain proper humidity levels (around 50-60%) during the drying process for the best results.

The Pros and Cons of Washing Your Outdoor Buds

The advantages of bud washing include:

  • Improved flavor: Bud washing can remove dirt, dust, pollen, insects, and other contaminants that can affect the flavor of your cannabis.
  • Reduced harshness: Bud washing can also remove residual pesticides and fertilizers, which can make your cannabis smoother to smoke.
  • Increased potency: Some growers believe that bud washing can remove the trichomes, the glands that produce THC and other cannabinoids. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.
  • Reduced risk of mold growth: Bud washing can help to remove mold spores and other contaminants that can lead to mold growth during curing.


The disadvantages of bud washing include:

  • Increased risk of trichome loss: Trichomes are the tiny glands that produce cannabinoids and terpenes, the compounds that give cannabis its psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Bud washing especially high-temperature bud washing can damage trichomes, which can reduce the potency and flavor of cannabis.
  • Increased risk of mold growth: Bud washing can introduce moisture to the cannabis buds, which can lead to mold growth. It is important to dry the buds thoroughly after washing to prevent mold growth.
  • Time-consuming: Bud washing can be a time-consuming process, especially for large harvests.

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