2023 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Sometimes it can be tough to find that right gift for the cannabis fan in our life so we’ve put together this year’s gift guide.
Below you will find some great ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers that will put a smile on the face of any cannabis lover.

Reefertilizer Beginner’s Bundle

One of the newest offering at Reefertilizer.com!
This bundle makes a great gift for someone interested in learning to grow their own weed. It includes the 3 Reefertilizer nutrients (Start,Grow, and Bloom) as well as copies of our Beginner’s Guide to Cultivation and Grower’s Journal. 

Buy Reefertilizer Beginner's Bundle

Zen Chalet Puzzle

A very interesting and challenging puzzle made from high quality laser cut wood. Some of the pieces are shaped like animals or other unique shapes. A great activity to do with friends or family over the holiday!

Buy Zen Puzzle on Amazon

Reefertilizer Desk Calendar For Mental Health

Each year we make a calendar from the photos our community sends us. All profits from the sale of these calendar is donated to mental health organizations. 

Buy Reefertilizer Desk Calendar

Cvault Storage Container

These handy stainless steel containers do an amazing job keeping your weed fresh. They also last a lifetime! 

Buy a CVault Container

The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

A fun little book that explores the neurological, historical, physiological, psychological, sexual, cultural, and political world of weed.

Buy The Scratch and Sniff Book of Weed

Weed Wizard Shirt

Got a person on your gift list who is a real wizard with weed? Well here’s the perfect shirt! 

Buy Weed Wizard Merch

Fuzzy Smiley Face Slippers

These comfy warm slippers are just cool so we added them to the list!

Buy Smiley Face Slippers

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