Outdoor Cannabis Water and Feeding Secrets

Outdoor cannabis cultivation is becoming increasingly popular. Many consumers want their weed grown in the great outdoors, believing that the flavor profile of cannabis benefits from outdoor cultivation.

And they’re right! That’s because of the terpenes in cannabis which give strains their distinctive flavors as well as enhancing weed’s aroma and medicinal effects. Growing weed outdoors stimulates its terpene content, so it makes sense that sunlight weed would taste better. Let’s look at some other secrets of outdoor cannabis feeding and watering to help you grow the best crop possible, rich in terpenes and full-flavored ganja goodness!

Outdoor Cannabis Water and Feeding Secrets
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Automation: The Constant Gardener

The immediate weather situation is probably the most important thing to know about watering and feeding plants. That’s no secret. Cannabis needs its hydration requirements at the beginning or right in the middle of a dry spell. And don’t water that crop if there’s incoming rain in the forecast! Mistakes can hurt your crop, especially if it’s cannabis!

Like all farming, close monitoring of the weather is a necessity. Sure, some cannabis and hemp flower farmers are sensitive to changing weather conditions but that only goes so far. Automation is a consistent, constant gardener. Automation can really help when it comes to the feeding and watering of cannabis for that very reason. Automation means your crop gets what it needs when it needs it, consistently, to help you safeguard the well-being of your plants. There’s no human error factor!

The thing about outdoor growing is that it’s achieved with the application of what we know about how to give weed its optimal growing conditions. And that means bells and whistles to help the crop be all it can be. Automation joins outdoor lighting and sophisticated fertilizers as a secret of cannabis watering and feeding that adds power to your existing crop-rearing arsenal.

Playing With Light

While an outdoor grow should be receiving no less than 6 hours of direct natural light per day, special lighting techniques ensure that your crop receives what it needs to be abundant. By manipulating the light plants receive, growers can provoke flowering and potentially bring about more than one cycle in the plants’ reproductive life per season. The practice makes the most of the growing season and maximizes land use.

What farmers know now about the ability of light to affect outdoor cannabis cultivation is another exciting secret of the outdoor grower. Light deprivation can speed up the life cycle. Plants are enclosed with an opaque cover for long periods each day to simulate the summer season ending and fall beginning, provoking flowering! This is another fascinating outdoor cultivation secret. And just so you’re aware, the light deprivation technique itself comes to cannabis cultivation from traditional agriculture! Innovation works both ways, right?

Not the Farmer In the Dell’s Fertilizer

Another not-so-secret tip for outdoor cannabis watering and feeding is fertilizer engineered to get the optimum bounce for your crop’s ounce. Sophisticated and composed of all the nutrients your outdoor plants need to truly thrive, fertilizer is one of the most crucial ingredients of a happy cannabis crop.

Using a 3-part grow system that feeds both your plants and the soil and grows with less waste is a sustainable alternative. A sophisticated fertilizer brings your plants serious nutrition while treating the planet with respect. Choose a fertilizer that boosts soil quality, offers total plant nutrition, and comes with all the information you need to grow a robust cannabis crop. Why kid around? Whether your outdoor crop is for you and yours or the world at large, if it’s worth growing, it’s worth growing well.

Integrating Automation and Nutrition

As I said right at the beginning, automation is about giving your plants what they need, when they need it. Seamlessly integrating with automated systems, Reefertilizer is a sophisticated fertilizer uniquely adapted to this purpose. With light deprivation technique skills and the increase in yield associated with the practice, you’re building a cannabis crop that will outdo itself, season after season because you’ve created the right climate for robust growth.

Successful outdoor cannabis cultivation is a complex of habits rooted in a selection of key knowledge about what your plants need and the way you satisfy that need. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of other outdoor cannabis water and feeding secrets.

Master of the Crop Systems

As a cultivator of outdoor cannabis, you know that automation can make your life much easier and life for your plants more consistent. With watering, feeding, lighting, and climate under the control of automated systems, you’re always going to have time for a cup of tea

And you don’t need to do it all at once. In fact, adding automation to your outdoor grow op is a matter of baby steps. Layer on the systems for each plant need, arriving at a clear understanding of each, and fine-tuning them as you go. You’ll come to understand automation as an extension of your presence, offering it “by proxy” through these systems, operating according to your knowledge of what your plants need and when. That’s powerful!

With automation, your operation turns on a dime. Your time can be turned to other important matters as you grow. Automated systems ensure that what you know is applied in a consistent, regular manner that assures the success of your crop. The secret is that you’re not run ragged because you have a silent partner, doing what you need done.

Outdoor cannabis success

Secrets That Set You Free

Working smarter, not harder is within reach with these outdoor cannabis cultivation secrets. When you add automation that governs all the needs of your plants, you’re set free to focus on marketing efforts, investor relations, and all the other nuts and bolts that come with being a successful cannapreneur and ganja farmer!

Cannabis farmers are busy people, sharing the fruits of their labor with a world in need of the blessed herb. Just like everybody else, they deserve the support of modern systems that make their work easier. With the right kind of technological support, you won’t find yourself reaching for the kratom as day disappears into night. 

With automation, techniques that manipulate light, and sophisticated fertilizers that change the plant nutrition game, your knowledge base is growing exponentially. And your crop? Ready to grow beyond your wildest dreams!

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