Our Free Guide Will Walk You Through…

  • Selecting and germinating cannabis seeds.
  • Caring for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Providing the right environment for healthy growth.
  • Plant training techniques for bigger yields.
  • Trimming, drying, and curing your buds properly

Written by Mike Drouin – an experienced cannabis grower and co-founder of Reefertilizer nutrients.

“I believe growing cannabis is a gateway drug to gardening. With an honest and straightforward approach we can remove the stigma on this plant and empower growers around the world.”

– Mike Drouin

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Reefertilizer Nutrients

All you need to grow good weed in one easy-to-use grow kit.

Reefertilizer® Start – Kelp meal infused with mycorrhizal spores helps build and maintain a healthy living soil for your roots.

Reefertilizer® Grow – All-in-One powder fertilizer blended for quick growth of plants in veg.

Reefertilizer® Bloom – Simple to use but very powerful flowering nutrients to help build large frosty buds.

Grower Support – One-on-One customer support and plenty of growing articles to help you get the most from your plants.