MN Cannabis Seeds: Best Strains to Grow in Minnesota


Are cannabis seeds legal in MN?

What are the best strains to grow in Minnesota?

Where can you buy cannabis seeds in Minnesota?

MN cannabis seeds: What are the special considerations when growing cannabis seeds in Minnesota?

Cannabis seeds in MN: A world of opportunities

Minnesota cannabis seeds

MN cannabis seeds became legal to grow in August 2023. Now it’s time to take advantage of these new liberties and produce a stash at home.

Minnesota is a good state for growing weed. It has a decent growing season with ample sunshine and warm air. The laws aren’t restrictive, giving people the reins of their gardens.

Join us to learn about growing weed in Minnesota. We discuss the recent law, suitable strains, and considerations to set you up for success.

Are cannabis seeds legal in MN?

Cannabis seeds are legal in MN. As of August 2023, so is germinating and cultivating them.

Minnesota established a medical marijuana program in 2014, but cultivation wasn’t allowed. Patients could only shop at two licensed dispensaries. Change began when Democrats took control of the Senate in 2022. In 2023, they legalized recreational use.

Minnesotans may have two ounces of weed in public and two pounds at home. They can also raise eight plants, four of which can be in flowering.

Cultivation is excellent news, as Minnesota has great conditions for it. Its humid continental climate brings sunny springs and summers that boost plant growth.

The southernmost third of Minnesota has hot, humid summers perfect for sativa. Northern areas are cooler and drier, accommodating indica strains.

What are the best strains to grow in Minnesota?

The best strains to grow in Minnesota depend on your preferred setup. The world is an indoor cultivator’s oyster, as the conditions are under their control.

Minnesotans who grow weed in backyards or balconies must approach this question strategically. To get started, here are five cultivars that would thrive in your garden.

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf is a sweet-scented indica made by crossing Afghan Kush with Mazar. It’s a moderately potent toke, with 16% THC and 0.3% CBD. The buds smell like gingerbread cookies, with equal parts of spice and vanilla.

This strain induces happy relaxation tinged with arousal. Medical users enjoy its anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties.

You can sow Maple Leaf cannabis seeds in Minnesota outdoors. The short-flowering cultivar doesn’t mind the cold and has mold resistance. It’s three feet tall, fitting in grow room setups. The yields are 14–17 oz./m2 indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors. 


Crystal is a resin-laden, indica-dominant Northern Lights x White Widow cross. Its bouquet is sweet and spicy, tickling and delighting your palate. The 21% THC and 0.2% CBD are potent yet manageable.

The initial puffs make you giggly, focused, and creative. Overwhelming physical relaxation comes as you keep toking. Weed users with arthritis, anxiety, and migraines swear by it.

This cultivar is beginner-friendly and suitable for most climates and setups. The plants are around five feet tall and low-maintenance. They reach ripeness in September, adapting to the cold Minnesota fall. Expect 18 oz./m² indoors and 26 oz./plant outdoors.

Shishkaberry Kush

Another feel-good indica-dominant herb, Shishkaberry Kush has DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani in its family tree. Its aroma pairs berry sweetness with dank earthiness. The 24% THC and 0.6% CBD are fast-acting and heavy-hitting.

Euphoria and relaxation intensify with each toke of this weed, and you end up couch-locked. For medical users, its effects may aid with stress, nausea, insomnia, and pain.

Surpassing six feet in height, Shishkaberry Kush grows well outdoors. Germinate the cannabis seeds in Minnesota after the last frost. Collect buds in late September before the days are cold again. You get 16 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a hard-hitting sativa made by breeding OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. Its sweet, earthy, and kerosene aromas promise an eye-watering toking session. The 27% THC and 0.8% CBD are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

The effect profile is ultra-energizing, supercharging every cell in your body. Folks with fatigue, muscle spasms, and stress find it a helpful therapeutic strain.

Despite being sativa-dominant, Bruce Banner cannabis seeds in MN have no trouble thriving. These plants prefer warmth and plenty of light, so sow and harvest in the summer. Their yields are 18 oz./m² indoors and 18 oz./plant outdoors.

Big Bud

Big Bud is a super-yielder made by crossing Northern Lights with the Afghani landrace. The strain’s stable and resilient, adapting to most growing conditions. It smells like grapes, earth, and spice. Its 18% THC and 0.3% CBD levels promise a manageable high.

This strain delivers a quintessential indica experience: euphoric, hungry, couch-locked, and sleepy. Medical users find it helps them fight anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia.

Big Bud is among the best strains to grow in Minnesota for massive yields. It resists pests, mold, and mildew, performing well indoors and out. The plants are around five feet tall and respond well to training techniques. They yield 18 oz./m² indoors and 25 oz./plant outdoors.

Where can you buy cannabis seeds in Minnesota?

Do you know where to buy marijuana seeds in MN? You have three options: in-state, out-of-state, and online seed banks.

In-state seeds are the hardest to come by. Until the government sets up shop, you could try the White Earth Nation dispensary on band land. This sovereign tribe is already growing and selling weed.

Out-of-state purchases are legal because federal law sees dormant weed seeds as souvenirs. You can transport them across state lines or order from state-licensed dispensaries.

Online seed banks allow the most convenient and diverse purchases. They have expert breeders producing numerous top-quality strains. Deals and discounts are the icing on the cake.

MN cannabis seeds: What are the special considerations when growing cannabis seeds in Minnesota?

Picking cannabis seeds for Minnesota’s climate and raising them isn’t a gargantuan task. Still, this state presents unique challenges due to its climate and regulations.

Best Cannabis strains to grow in Minnesota

Following the flowering plant law

According to the Minnesota law on cannabis seeds, you can keep as many as you want. But you’re allowed to germinate eight at a time. Only four resulting plants may simultaneously be in flowering.

The simplest way to abide by this rule is by only sprouting four weed seeds at once. Raise your garden from seed to yield, then prepare the next group.

What if you want more weed in your stash?

Outdoor growers may pick autoflowering strains for their short flowering period. Germinate four MN cannabis seeds in April, and they’ll enter flowering in mid-May. There’s enough time to raise another four before freezing fall temperatures.

Garden location & security

The law doesn’t limit you to a specific cultivation location. The only rule is that germinated MN cannabis seeds must be away from public view and behind closed doors.

Indoor growers should choose rooms with lockable doors, especially if living with minors. All street-facing windows must be covered with blinds.

A wall or hedge will do the trick outdoors. Folks with unfenced yards could sow tall plants, like sunflowers, around their weed.

Outdoor growing conditions

Cannabis seeds in MN flourish in its hot springs and summers. Early fall brings harsh weather, so harvest early for the best results.

The typical Minnesota growing season is from May to September. Cultivators wait for the last spring freeze date, taking seedlings outdoors soon after. Harvests happen before the weather worsens in late September.

Most of Minnesota has loamy soil with sand, silt, and clay. It’s basic to acidic, suiting weed roots. You can sow directly on the land and supplement it with organic amendments to feed the plants.

Prepare for pests, from aphids and whiteflies to deer and rabbits. Keep them at bay through natural means, like companion planting and fences.

When is indoor cultivation better?

Although Minnesota has a favorable cultivation climate, it doesn’t suit all strains. Indoor setups are an excellent alternative for long-flowering and moisture-sensitive marijuana.

The other reason to stick to indoor systems is security.

Minnesota doesn’t prohibit growing MN cannabis seeds in condos and building rooftops. Still, those spaces aren’t the safest for plants. From disapproving looks to the risk of robbery, folks may prefer to grow indoors.

Cannabis seeds in MN: A world of opportunities

The weather’s suitable, and the law’s permissive. Why not produce sticky buds in Minnesota? Dispensaries won’t open until early 2025: growing is the easiest way to ensure quality weed.

Choose weather-suitable strains with good genetics to make the most of the new law. Get Minnesota cannabis seeds from a reputable online seed bank for guaranteed quality.

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