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What Cannabis Fertilizer Do You Need For Growing Weed?

This article answers many of the common questions concerning fertilizer and cannabis.

How to Cool Down a Cannabis Grow Tent That’s Too Hot

Let's talk about cooling down a grow tent!

2021 Christmas Cannabis Gift Guide

A selection of gift ideas any pot grower would love for Christmas.

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Foliar Feeding: How it Works and How to Do It

Foliar feeding is a term for applying a mist of nutrients directly to a plant’s...[Read More]

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How to Super Crop Your Cannabis Plants – And Why You Should

Super cropping uses the cannabis plant’s healing abilities to the grower’s favor. It's an extremely...[Read More]


Understanding the Potency of Your Cannabis

How potent will your home grown cannabis be?

7 cannabis strains that help you with creativity

These are the strain to try when being creative

Why You Should Keep a Cannabis Grow Journal

Since our plants can't tell us what they need themselves, it's up to us to...[Read More]


How Often Should I Feed and Water My Cannabis?

Your plants will be unhappy unless their water and nutrient diet is just right. Your...[Read More]


White Powdery Mildew: How to Spot It and How to Stop It

White powdery mildew spreads quickly, and could ruin your whole crop if left unchecked.

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Destructive Cannabis Pests and How to Defeat Them

You might be looking forward to consuming your home-grown cannabis after harvest time… But there...[Read More]


How to Grow Cannabis in Dry Climates

Dry climates introduce extra challenges for cannabis growers, but these challenges can be overcome. Here's...[Read More]

How to Grow Cannabis at Home Secretly

Even if you live in a place where you can legally grow cannabis, you may...[Read More]


The Beauty Of Colour: How To Grow Purple Cannabis Buds?

Here is how to grow purple cannabis easily.

Cannabis: An Overlooked Superfood

Cannabis is a psychoactive plant that can be used for both medical and recreational purposes,...[Read More]

Hand Trim vs. Machine Trim: Which Is Right for You?

There are two ways to trim your buds—by hand or by machine. We’ll explore both...[Read More]

How to Grow Cannabis in a Cold Climate

If you're living in a cold climate, you can still grow healthy cannabis plants at...[Read More]

How to Grow Cannabis in a Small Space

Cannabis can grow and thrive in all kinds of places, small ones included. Here's everything...[Read More]

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How Cannabis Affects Men and Women Differently

When someone consumes cannabis, most of the effects take place in the user's own body...[Read More]

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Best Nutrients for Outdoor Grow – Cannabis

What's are the best nutrients for outdoor grow cannabis plants?! Well the answer is simpler...[Read More]

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Care Tips For Indoor Cannabis

When growing cannabis, most of the work is the day-to-day and week-to-week care your plants...[Read More]


When to Switch Your Cannabis to Flower

Most growers recommend keeping your plants in the vegetative state for 4-5 weeks, is it...[Read More]

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