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Cannabis and Dreams

Why do you have crazy dreams when you stop smoking cannabis? Let's find out!

Cannabis and Pets

How does cannabis affect animals? They might not enjoy it as much as you do.

How to Crossbreed Cannabis

Want to take a trip down the rabbit hole? Crossbreeding cannabis is lots of fun...[Read More]

Reefertilizer Start Giveaway – Photo Contest

Learn more about Reefertilizer Start and enter to win our photo contest!


7 Best Strains for Beginner Growers

Here are our top 7 recommended cannabis strains for novice growers.

Organic LP vs. Home-Grown Cannabis

Can you buy organic cannabis in Canada? or is it better to grow it yourself?

6 Ways to Grow Denser Cannabis Buds

How do you get denser buds? Here are a few easy and cheap ways to...[Read More]

How to Trim Cannabis Buds – Wet vs. Dry

Wet trim vs. dry trim! What's the difference between these to methods of trimming cannabis?


6 Helpful Accessories for Growing Cannabis

Adding these items to your grow room can help make your life just a little...[Read More]

How Much Money Will I Save by Growing My Own Cannabis

Start-up costs for growing cannabis can range from free to many thousands of dollars. How...[Read More]

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What is Autoflowering Cannabis?

Autoflowering canabis plants are an amazing advancement in cannabis breeding science. Find out why they...[Read More]

5 of the Best Companion Plants for Cannabis

Did you know? Growing specific plants next to your cannabis can help them grow better.

How Much Do Cannabis Plants Smell?

Good weed smells strong, but how do we make sure it doesn't stink up your...[Read More]

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Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Grass/Hay?

Have you noticed that your harvest has a funky smell of grass or hay? Here's...[Read More]

5 Best Strains for Different Activities and Exercises

Despite the stigma, cannabis works well with an active lifestyle. Here are some strains that...[Read More]

How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis? – A Timeline

Want to know how long it takes to grow weed?


5 Strains Of Cannabis Anyone Can Grow With Ease

Whether you're a beginner or not, it's nice to be growing a strain that can...[Read More]

How Does The Colour Spectrum Affect Growing Cannabis Plants?

Light is the key component of photosynthesis. Cannabis plants need the right type of light...[Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Consuming Cannabis (INFOGRAPHIC)

Check out this infographic about what people should know about consuming cannabis.

How to Train Your Cannabis Plant for Bigger Yields

For thousands of years, humans have been manipulating plants to achieve bigger yields. It's actually...[Read More]

Why Do Cannabis Leaves Turn Yellow & How To Fix

Why are my leaves turning yellow? Let's find out!

Ideal Growing Environment for Cannabis (INFOGRAPHIC)

Read and share our helpful infographic about the ideal environments for growing cannabis indoors.