2022 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Here are some great Christmas and holiday gift ideas for the cannabis grower in your life.

Embroidered Buds

Our friend TheOddRemnant makes these beautifully embroidered cannabis buds. These are all handmade with love and sell out quickly around Christmas time. These are all locally handmade in Victoria, BC.

Phone Clip-on Microscope

These cute little guys make a great stocking stuffer. You can clip these over the camera of most phones to take a closer look at your buds. Great for inspecting your buds for ripeness or just admiring your work. It’s also pretty fun to look at things around your house!

The phone is optional too. Remove the clip and take a peek with the naked eye.


A water/alcohol distiller is the necessary tool to make your own cannabis oil at home. Also called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO for short, this is a highly concentrated cannabis concentrate that preserves cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds from the whole cannabis plant.
Just soak decarbed bud in chilled 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, filter, and put the alcohol solution in the distiller. The alcohol will slowly evaporate and collect in a container to be used next time. You will be left with a thick potent cannabis oil that can be used for foods, drinks, or capsulated.

Indoor Grow Setup

Nothing is better than growing weed all year long! An indoor grow setup can grow a lot more than just weed. They do a great job growing lettuce and hot peppers too!

Each kit includes a carbon air filter so you can rest assured the dank smells will stay inside the tent.
We have put together a few bundles specific to the number of plants you might like to grow.

Refillable Cannabis Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t like a little weedy surprise everyday leading up to Christmas. This fun cannabis-themed advent calendar has 25 boxes to put weed, hash, joints, edibles or any other treat you might want.

Christmas Cannabis Seed Variety Pack

Canuk seeds have put together a nice little Christmas themed seed variety pack. Each puk contains 3 feminized seeds of each; Sugar Cookie, Fruit Cake, Angel OG, and Christmas Tree.

This Puk will ONLY EVER be available to purchase from November 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022!

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