9 thoughts on “Growing Weed Outdoors Timeline (Infographic)

  1. Mark Hebscher says:

    Hey Mike. I’m on my last week of Grow, and the plants have only just begun pre-flower. They are beautiful. I am constantly trimming the fan leaves and am very impressed with the way the stalks are growing and about to bloom. Would you suggest adding “Start” to the topsoil now, or when I begin next week with “Bloom”.? Thanks, Mark.

  2. Ken says:

    Hi, My name is Ken Martin living west of Ottawa in Merrickville lol out in the country side. I was quite impressed with the gro formula it made the plants veg like crazy so I’m hoping that bloom will make ridiculously big buds lol and next year I’ll use the start formula.now I topped them at 3 feet and with your fertilizer the two shoot that develop from the topping I did allowed them to do the same getting bushy so from the look at them I’ll get 2 hopefully huge colas from every plant way more cuz they are 8 feet tall or more de of them it will be a great harvest I’m going use big bold letters it doesn’t mean anything towards anybody SHOULD I HAVE RETOPPED SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE READY TO HARVEST AND WHEN SIDES GET TOO MUCH TOPP THEN BACK to TOPS AFTER AWHILE LOL …so if I keep cutting the tops back then the sides on a regular basis a little at a time they should grow into somewhat of a ball

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