2021 Christmas Cannabis Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when the snow starts falling and we want to cozy up at home for the holidays. It’s a fantastic time to have a bit of wine or smoke some of our homegrown with friends and family.

Finding the right gift for your favorite weed grower can be hard, but we got you covered today.
We have put together a small list of gift ideas for the weed grower in your life.

Christmas Lights

Complete Indoor Weed Growing Kit

This kit has everything you need to start growing cannabis at home. The kit includes a grow tent, full-spectrum LED grow lights, a temp and humidity sensor, fabric grow pots, a TDS and pH meter, as well as a trio of Reefertilizer nutrients.

We have several sizes to choose from and you can compare them right here.
If you’re worried about the potential smell of dank buds, get 25$ off a fan and filter combo when you buy this grow kit.

InkBird Humidity and Temperature Controllers

InkBird is a well trusted brand that has been providing automation to cannabis growers for many years. If you want to spend less time fussing with your fans and heaters and more time watching your plants grow, this is the gift for you.

These sensors measure the temperature and humidity inside your grow space. They can be programed to turn on or off different pieces of equipment when certain conditions are met.
Temperature getting too low? The heater then turns on and off automatically.

Available on Amazon

Burp Lids

These reusable lids fit on all wide mouth mason jars. They have a one way valve on the top that lets you pump out air and vacuum seal your curing jars.

Burping your jars is an important part of the cannabis curing process. If you want to avoid weed that smells like wet grass, these jar lids will come in handy.

Each kit includes 4 lids but they also have a set of 12 available as well.

Available on Amazon

Cannabis Grow Journal

This is a great little stocking stuffer for the weed grower in your life.

These paper journals are 8″ x 6″ big and include 20 pages to keep track of all your grows.
Each page helps you track the progress of your plants so you can take your weed growing to the next level.

Track your plant’s height, what you’re feeding them, and keep notes on a weekly basis.

Available right here at Reefertilizer.com

Canuk Puk 3.0

Limited Edition Canuk Puk 3.0

A fantastic collection of 4 different strains. The puk includes 3 feminized seeds for each of the following strains.

Wedding Cake
Double Chocolate

A great choice when you just don’t know what you want to grow next. Get yours quick before their supply runs out. These puks go quick!

Available at True North Seed Bank

Magic Butter Extraction Machine

Magic Butter is another brand that is a favourite among home growers. Their kits help you make your own extractions at home for cooking weed treats.
Add your chopped buds and some butter or oil and the machine does the rest. This unit includes instructions and a cookbook to get your edible creation ideas flowing.

Great for making some special Christmas cookies for your holiday party.

Available on Amazon

Christmas Lights

Have a wonderful holiday season and a merry Christmas!
If you’re planning on consuming cannabis please don’t drive. Stay safe out there and have fun!.

Mike Drouin

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