When Do I Put My Cannabis Plants Outdoors?

Are you ready to give your cannabis plants a taste of the great outdoors? Starting your cannabis plants indoors before placing them outside is a great strategy to improve their chances for success and overall yield.

Seeds planted directly in outdoor soil can be a tasty treat to many animals and very sensitive to weather. Also, starting plants indoors several weeks before going outside can help jumpstart your grow so you can harvest before frost.

Knowing when to shift your green pals from the grow room to the garden is the key.

Let’s dive into what you need to consider when moving your plants outside to attain the happiest, healthiest outdoor grow season possible.

Signs It’s the Right Time to Move Cannabis Outdoors

The calendar is your best friend when it comes to choosing the right time to move your plants outside. Keep your eyes peeled for consistent overnight temperatures sitting comfortably over 10°C (50°F). This ensures your cannabis plants won’t shiver through the nights.

Daytime is just as important – aim for a stretch when there are at least 15 hours of daylight, granting your plants plenty of sun to soak up. In the northern hemisphere, this is normally some time in mid to late May.

Avoid light schedule fluctuations which can potentially throw off your seedlings and trigger early flowering. This isn’t a problem with autoflowers however.

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Seed Starting: Countdown to Outdoor Transplant

Timing your seed start is a straightforward process. Count back 4 to 6 weeks from the expected date when those perfect outdoor conditions align. This is the slot on your calendar marked for seed starting.

Starting your seedlings early is great for helping them to establish their first sets of leaves and a strong root system.

No need for an elaborate indoor lightning system. Seedling don’t need a powerful light for their small leaves. A cool blue CFL bulb is enough to keep those sprouts going until they start getting the real sun in a few weeks.

A small fan pointed indirectly at the sprouts can also help harden them up. Cannbis fertilizer isn’t really needed when your plants are this small but using a seed starter soil mix with Reefertilizer Start can help promote a strong root system that will pay off as the plant matures.

During their indoor stay, you will want to mimic the same 15 hours of sunlight they will eventually receive outdoors. After this indoor period your plants should be large enough to be transplanted to their new outdoor home.


Acclimatizing Your Cannabis Plants for Outdoor Success

To great way to pave the way for a successful transfer from indoors to out, is to giver your plants a gentle introduction to the sun’s rays and outdoor climate. Doing a little climatization can help introduce the plants to their new environment gradually.

Start by placing them in a spot with partial shade to prevent shock from the sudden change in environment. Take about 3–4 days to gradually increase their sun exposure, adding an hour of direct sunlight progressively each day. This step is key for hardening off your plants and preparing them for full sun exposure.

Watch for signs of distress, such as leaf wilting or discoloration, during this time. If you notice any, it’s a hint that they might need a more gradual exposure or a tad more shade.

Protecting Young Plants from the Elements

Once outside, your young plants will face challenges like wind, rain, and even pests. Support them by providing stakes to help them stand firm against gusty winds. If harsh weather is forecasted, consider temporary coverings like cloches or row covers to shield your plants.

Mulching around the base can help retain moisture and keep roots cozy. And remember, a regular check for pests or disease will allow you to act quickly and keep your plants thriving.

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With a little planning and the right support, your cannabis plants will thrive in their new outdoor home. Reefertilizer has all the tools and nutrients to guide you through every stage of your cannabis grow, indoors and out.

Final Tips Before Sending Your Green Friends Outside

Before you send your plants off to their new outdoor home, ensure you’ve double-checked the forecast for any late-season cold snaps.

  • Have a solid watering plan in place, as outdoor conditions may call for adjustments from your indoor routine. Water will evaporate much slower when it is still cool outdoors.
  • Choose a sunny spot for them to live where they won’t be easily disturbed by pets or wild animals.
  • Lastly, mark your calendar to track their progress and remember a consistent routine is the best support you can give your plants as they adapt to their new environment.

Now, they’re all set for the adventure in your outdoor garden!

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