Top 3 Beginner Mistakes Growing Cannabis

More often than not, beginners will mess things around before finally learning how to do things the right way. Growing marijuana is no different and it takes patience and practice to perfect the skills necessary for a successful grow. There are some common mistakes that growers encounter that may lead to disappointment in the long run. Let’s go over the three most common beginner mistakes when growing cannabis.

Old or Mystery Marijuana Seeds

old marijuana seeds - beginner mistakes growing marijuana

Using old seeds or mystery seeds to grow a new plant is not advisable. You may likely end up with a dud if it’s too old, seeds have a shelf life of a year or two, and only if they are stored correctly. An old seed which is not viable cannot grow even when given the best environment to do so. Old seeds may take long to sprout or not sprout at all. With a mystery seed you may end up with a male or hermaphrodite plant which has both male and female flowers. To avoid disappointment one should buy their marijuana seeds from a reputable and trusted source as such seeds have been checked for viability. Needless to say, planting a seed one just found in a marijuana bag they bought may lead to disappointment as origin and genetics of the seed is unknown to the grower. Sometimes you luck out with an exotic strain, but no way to truly identify it.

Over Watering Marijuana

overwatering marijuana

Over watering is another common mistake beginners make when it comes to growing marijuana the first time. Where water is an essential growth factor, too much water kills the plant as there is not enough oxygen for the roots to breath and the plant drowns. Symptoms start with the plant looking droopy, turning yellow and sometime flopping over under it’s own weight. One is advised to only water the plant when the top surface of the soil is dry. A way to check if the soil is dry enough to water is by putting a finger into about an inch of the the soil. If it is bone dry, then it is time to water the plant. Another tip that can help avoid over watering is to water less when it is cold. Try to water your plants right before the their day cycle to allow water to evaporate properly. A sure sign of over watering is when the top of your soil turns green from the build up of algae. While over watering can kill your plant it’s an easily fixed situation. Let the plant dry out by avoiding watering for some time or having longer periods between watering times. Digital water meters are a great investment for your grow room.

Over Fertilizing Marijuana

over fertilizing marijuana

Over fertilizing is also another simple mistake a beginner is likely to make. We want our plants to grow big and fast, so sometimes we feed them too much. Using too much fertilizer means there is a build up of nutrients in the soil. If this were to happen with your plant, it could lead to nutrient burn. Nutrient burn slow grow, and damage your plant The tips of the leaves look burned and they may begin to curl up and die if left in the over fertilized soil for too long. Flushing your plant with a mild full NPK fertilizer diluted with plenty of water will help remove the toxic build of nutrients from the soil. Be sure to use minimum of water at least 3 times the volume of your planter. Flushing and transplanting are two possible solutions for fixing over fertilized marijuana.

The excitement that comes with being able to grow your own marijuana plant may cause a beginner grower to rush into the process blindly. Having the basic knowledge on how to go about it goes a long way. In order to grow good bud, something as simple as choosing the right seed to begin with may make a big difference in the harvest. Knowing the fertilizers required at every stage of growth is very important. Keeping a grow journal and feeding schedule can help you avoid harming your plants. For one to master the skill of growing marijuana, it is important for them to acquire the necessary information on the process. This involves knowledge of common mistakes and best remedial actions.

What other mistakes do beginners make? Let us know in the comments below

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