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Choosing the Best Marijuana Bloom Nutrients

What makes a good blooming fertilizer for cannabis and how do you feed flowering weed...[Read More]

Nitrogen Deficiency and Toxicity In Weed

A nitrogen deficiency and toxicity in weed is a common problem that can be fixed...[Read More]

Weed Plant Gender Identification

For a grower, it is essential to know how to identify the gender of cannabis.

How To Increase Terpene Production in Cannabis – 7 Ways

Terpenes are what gives your plants their flavour and smell. Here's how to increase terpene...[Read More]


How to Measure EC & PPM and Grow Healthier Cannabis

Measure ppm to know if you're giving your plants enough food.

My Cannabis Plants are Growing Too Tall!

Are your plants getting too tall? Here are a few ways to reduce the height...[Read More]

When to Start Feeding Your Cannabis Flowering Fertilizer

How do you know it's time to switch to a flowering fertilizer. Let's find out!

How to Crossbreed Cannabis

Want to take a trip down the rabbit hole? Crossbreeding cannabis is lots of fun...[Read More]

6 Ways to Grow Denser Cannabis Buds

How do you get denser buds? Here are a few easy and cheap ways to...[Read More]

6 Helpful Accessories for Growing Cannabis

Adding these items to your grow room can help make your life just a little...[Read More]

5 of the Best Companion Plants for Cannabis

Did you know? Growing specific plants next to your cannabis can help them grow better.

Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Grass/Hay?

Have you noticed that your harvest has a funky smell of grass or hay? Here's...[Read More]

How Does The Colour Spectrum Affect Growing Cannabis Plants?

Light is the key component of photosynthesis. Cannabis plants need the right type of light...[Read More]

How to Train Your Cannabis Plant for Bigger Yields

For thousands of years, humans have been manipulating plants to achieve bigger yields. It's actually...[Read More]

Why Do Cannabis Leaves Turn Yellow & How To Fix

Why are my leaves turning yellow? Let's find out!

What To Do With Your Cannabis Trimmings

Don't throw away those leftover sugar leaf trimming from harvest time! These trimming can be...[Read More]

What is topping a cannabis plant?

Topping your cannabis plants when their young is the easiest way to increase the overall...[Read More]

How Much Light Do Cannabis Plants Need

Just how much light does a weed plant need to grow properly? Let's go over...[Read More]

6 ways to be more green when growing cannabis

Is your grow as green as possible? What do you do to lower your carbon...[Read More]

How to Calibrate a pH Pen

You gotta take care of your tools! pH pens need to be calibrated every so...[Read More]


When should you start feeding your cannabis plants fertilizer

You need to feed your cannabis nutrients. But when do you start?