7 Big Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis takes more than a green thumb and a passion for the process. Cannabis is an extremely particular plant, that takes some research, insight, patience, and a lot of TLC to grow effectively. Even if you are a natural with plants, it is still possible for Cannabis to give you trouble if the right conditions are not met.

Here are six big beginner mistakes when growing Cannabis that can be easily avoided with a little preparation and respect for the life you are cultivating:

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1. Using Unknown Seeds

Regardless of your growing skill level, using unknown seeds can lead to failure before the first sprout emerges from its natural casing. Beginners in the world of growing Cannabis likely do not know the difference in the quality throughout different Cannabis seeds. However, people who have grown before might want to experiment with new, virtually unknown seeds for fun.

For more experienced growers, as long as you know you are taking a gamble, you do you. For people who are only beginners, though, it is important to know there is a much higher rate of success in buying seeds from a reputable source.

If you are just starting out, hopefully, your reasoning is not because you have some bagseed and want to give it a whirl. Bagseed is the seed you find at the bottom of a bag of weed. While yes, it is possible for that seed to be prosperous but it is unlikely. More often than not, the reason bagseed is available is that the seeds are duds, males, or hermaphrodites. In any of these cases, the seed will not mature. Even if the seed is free, the proper setup for cultivating healthy Cannabis plants is not free. Thus, it can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming mistake, trying to nurture seeds that will never grow.

Where do you find your weed seeds? 

Online Cannabis Seeds

Retail Cannabis Seeds
The Ontario Cannabis Store
BC Cannabis Stores
Alberta Cannabis – No Longer Offering Online Sales 🙁
Société québécoise du cannabis
Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

United States

Humboldt Seed Company

2. Not Maintaining the Correct PH

Another major mistake that new growers make is that they do not maintain the right PH for the plant’s ideal environment. What people tend not to realize is that all soil and water is not created equal. There are varying levels of PH in the soil and water, throughout the country. No matter where you are growing your Cannabis, though, it is important to create and maintain the right PH level for Cannabis.

The PH level of the soil is going to need to be maintained between a 6 to a 7. The PH cannot be too basic nor too acidic, or the plant will get sick.

pH your water after adding Reefertilizer.

Check out this article on how to calibrate a PH Pen to ensure you are getting an accurate, consistent reading.

3. Denying Your Cannabis the Right Amount of Light

The sun is the best source of light for your Cannabis plants. However, giving your budding darlings direct sunlight is not always possible. That is why it is important to supplement the lack of light with sun lamps.

Window sunlight is not enough! Cannabis plants love having light, so it is important to have it available for their absorption at all times.

4. Using the Wrong Fertilizer

Fertilizer, like soil, can be a key element in keeping your plants alive and healthy. That is why using the right fertilizer is essential to producing a successful harvest. Throughout the lifecycle of a Cannabis plant, different ratios of organic and inorganic nutrients are needed. For that reason, it is best to use a fertilizer that is made for growing Cannabis.

Grow and Bloom Fertilizer is specifically designed to make Cannabis plants grow strong and luscious!

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5. Do Not Over Prune

Of course, Cannabis plants need to be pruned to keep them healthy.
Pruning is also a good opportunity for the grower to inspect and admire their plants.
Although, a big mistake new growers make is pruning the plants too much.
Do not get out of hand with pruning. Only prune portions of the plant that are lower on the plant and do not receive a lot of sunlight.

Organic fertilizer

At least once a week you should prune your plants by removing any dead or yellow leaves. Dead leaves can attract mold and pest so it’s best to remove them right away.
You can also remove leaves that don’t receive any light. They might be blocked by higher branches and leaves. Pruning too many living leaves can shock your plant, so only remove a few at a time.
Many growers will remove all lower leaves and small branches right at the beginning of the flower period. This forces the plant to focus its energy on the largest bud sites.

6. Over or Under Watering

All living things need water to survive, Cannabis plants included! Although a common issue with new growers is that they either over or under-water their plants. The reason the watering regimen for Cannabis can be difficult to pin down is that the environment in which the plant is growing plays a large role in the plant’s need for water. Some plants enjoy denser soil that holds water around the plant for a longer period of time.

Cannabis is not one of those plants.

Rather, Cannabis plants respond well to dark, rich soil that also has good drainage, so the plant is not sitting in a pool stagnant water.

A good way to figure out how much water to give your Cannabis plant is to make sure the water drains within a minute or two after saturating it. After a day or so, stick your finger into the top 1 inch layer of soil. If the soil is dry, it is time to water. However, also keep in mind that Cannabis usually reacts well to being watered less often but more thoroughly.

Additionally, if your plants’ leaves start to wilt or turn to a yellow or brown color, do not panic. It is possible that the plant simply needs more water. Keep an eye on it after watering it, for a day or two before making any drastic salvation attempts.

7. Too Many Seeds In One Pot

We see this every so often on social media. Someone is excited to get started so they plant a handful of seeds into a clay pot. Growing more than one plant in one pot means they will have to compete with each other for limited water, light, and nutrients.
As the plants grow their root systems will get tangled and choke each other off.

Your better off growing one plant per pot. If you have too many sprouts they make a nice snack.
If your growing outside in a garden bed, your best bet is to space plants out 4 feet apart.

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Ultimately, if a new grower takes pride in what they are doing and makes sure they are only taking advice from reputable sources, they should be successful. Growing Cannabis is not a passive process but it can be extremely rewarding, in a multitude of ways.

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