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Helpful articles to help you get started growing your own cannabis or hemp.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Bloom Nutrients

What makes a good blooming fertilizer for cannabis and how do you feed flowering weed...[Read More]

Weed Plant Gender Identification

For a grower, it is essential to know how to identify the gender of cannabis.

Choosing The Best Light Cycle For Weed

Choosing the best light cycle for weed in veg or flower can be tricky. Let's...[Read More]

What Cannabis Fertilizer Do You Need For Growing Weed?

This article answers many of the common questions concerning fertilizer and cannabis.

Where to Find Cannabis Seeds

Where the heck do you find cannabis seeds? Well here's our guide to finding seeds...[Read More]

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7 Best Strains for Beginner Growers

Here are our top 7 recommended cannabis strains for novice growers.

How to Trim Cannabis Buds – Wet vs. Dry

Wet trim vs. dry trim! What's the difference between these to methods of trimming cannabis?


How Much Money Will I Save by Growing My Own Cannabis

Start-up costs for growing cannabis can range from free to many thousands of dollars. How...[Read More]

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What is Autoflowering Cannabis?

Autoflowering canabis plants are an amazing advancement in cannabis breeding science. Find out why they...[Read More]

How Much Do Cannabis Plants Smell?

Good weed smells strong, but how do we make sure it doesn't stink up your...[Read More]

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How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis? – A Timeline

Want to know how long it takes to grow weed?


5 Strains Of Cannabis Anyone Can Grow With Ease

Whether you're a beginner or not, it's nice to be growing a strain that can...[Read More]

Ideal Growing Environment for Cannabis (INFOGRAPHIC)

Read and share our helpful infographic about the ideal environments for growing cannabis indoors.

7 Big Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Everyone starts as a beginner, that's why it's awesome to learn the potential pitfalls as...[Read More]

When and How to Flush Cannabis Plants Before Harvest

Flushing plants of excess nutrients and salts is an old cannabis growing technique that is...[Read More]

What is topping a cannabis plant?

Topping your cannabis plants when their young is the easiest way to increase the overall...[Read More]

When to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants

Learn the right time to harvest your cannabis plants and how timing affects quality.

How to Grow Cannabis From Seed to Flower (with photos)

It's easy to grow good weed at home with Reefertilizer. Learn what has to be...[Read More]

How Much Weed Can Be Harvested From One Cannabis Plant

How much weed should you expect to harvest on your first grow?

How Much Light Do Cannabis Plants Need

Just how much light does a weed plant need to grow properly? Let's go over...[Read More]

Space Bucket Update – Cannabis Harvest Time

Here's the long-awaited result of the spacebucket build. So how well did it do?