Best High Yield Cannabis Seeds

Looking for a bumper crop this year? Here is our selection of some of the best-yielding cannabis cultivars available.

Genetics play an important role in the potential yield of your plant.

Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto Feminized

Flowering times fall around 55 days and this plant will grow to a maximum of 170 cm, resulting in a remarkable yield for an autoflower of up to 450 gr/m2 indoors. Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud is well suited to both experienced and amateur gardeners, producing large yields of aromatic, resinous, indica-dominant bud.

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Agent Orange Regular Seeds

Don’t let the name deter you, Agent Orange is a treat to be treasured!
With an aroma of citrus, orange, and fruit, Agent Orange has been known to leave users’ mouths watering for more.
Flowering in only 7-9 weeks, Agent Orange produces an impressive yield of danky buds with enormous bag appeal and THC levels topping out at around 24%.

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The Big Stink Auto

Thanks to its heavy Indica content and twist of Ruderalis genetics, raising The Big Stink Auto is as simple as rolling off a log. It only reaches a height of about 3.5 feet, so space is never going to be an issue. A small growing cabinet is just right for housing one or two of these plants. Its robust branches can easily carry its massive colas and humungous buds. Even better, it goes from seedling to ripe for reaping in just 10 to 11 weeks.

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High Yield Mix by ILGM

Looking for high-yielding strains of cannabis to grow at home? The High Yield Mixpack comes with three of the best. Stay lifted all day with Amnesia Haze (sativa-dominant), Big Bud (indica-dominant), and Chocolope (sativa-dominant). They’re the best at creating better moods. Start your day with Chocolope, which energizes you like a morning cup of coffee. Use slow-acting Amnesia Haze during the day to keep you sociable. Then, finish it off with Big Bud, the insomnia buster.

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Tips For Bigger Yields

If you want to get bigger yields from your plants adjusting your growing techniques will make the biggest difference.

We’ve put together some growing techniques that will help you get bigger flowers and larger yields.

Tips For Bigger Yields

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