All-In-One Indoor Grow Kits

How To Save Money With A Grow Kit Bundle

You can save a lot of money when you buy indoor cannabis growing gear as a bundle. Searching for each part is time-consuming and really doesn’t offer any major savings.

We have created the perfect affordable bundle to start growing your own plants indoors. Not just weed! These kits are ideal for producing hot peppers, lettuce, and more!

Instead of shipping items through a third party like Amazon, the Mars Hydro gear is shipped directly from their Canadian and American warehouses. We ship the Reefertilizer gear from our warehouses in Canada and the USA. This is how we save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

With our bundles, we include a Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Cultivation as well as customer support from expert growers.

Why wait until spring to start growing cannabis again?

For over 10 years MarsHydro has been manufacturing grow tents and indoor grow equipment. Their products are affordable and well-trusted in the cannabis community.

You can harvest several times a year with just one of these indoor grow setups. They easily fit into a closet or a spare room and pay for themselves in just a few harvests.

There’s no need to scour the internet and retail stores for a better deal. Reefertilizer and MarsHydro bundles beat any price on Amazon and come with professional growing guidance.

Each Grow Kit Includes The Following Items…

Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent

1680D Oxford cloth material along with heavy-duty zippers to prevent light leak. Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is capable to reflect light to the whole plant and boost the light intensity by 25%.

Mars Hydro Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Very low power and maintenance requirements compared to traditional HID and HPS bulbs. It has passive cooling so it runs silently without a fan.

Mars Hydro Carbon Air Filter and Inline Fan

Grow without attracting attention or causing allergies. A carbon filter does an amazing job of neutralizing the smell of flowering cannabis. The fan has an adjustable speed knob but you can upgrade it to an automatic thermostat for only $50.

SGB Combo product page

Reefertilizer Nutrient Kit

Our nutrient system is simple and easy to use. From seed to flower they give your plants what they need at each stage of growth with step-by-step guidance.

But That’s Not All!

pH and EC Meters

Monitor water and runoff pH with a digital pH meter. Measure the right level of nutrients using Electrical Conductivity with our 3 mode EC meter. Batteries not Included.

tds pH combo

Sensor and Timer

The temperature and humidity sensor will help you monitor the environment inside the tent. The grounded timer keeps your lights on schedule. The one you get with your kit might not be exactly as shown.

light and timer

5 Gallon Fabric Planters

Each grow setup comes with 4 reusable 5 gallon fabric planters. Fabric planters help your roots breathe and provide excellent drainage.

Fabric Planter

Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Cultivation

This is our step-by-step guide to growing your own cannabis at home. It offers all sorts of guidance from seed to flower helping you get a great yield on your first grow.

journal square 300x300

Weed Grow Journal

Keep track of up to 20 plants with this simple to use and easy to write on paper journal. Record plant height, feedings, pH and EC, as well as your current notes.

Grow Guide Drop Shadow

Light Hangers

You will receive with your kit two of these heavy-duty light hangers. Easily clips onto the top bar in your tent and allows you to adjust the light height easily.

ratchet Hanger


This garden netting is used to help increase the yield of your plants. Weave branches through the net to train your plants to grow outwards and receive light evenly.

Scrog Net
From: $537.83 CAD
From: $635.03 CAD
From: $826.31 CAD
From: $977.03 CAD

When will my tent arrive?

To reduce carbon emissions the setup will arrive in several packages from the closest supplier. The tent and the light will ship from our supplier Mars Hydro’s warehouse. Our nutrients and most of the accessories we ship directly from our warehouse. Shipping times can vary from location to location but in most cases it takes 5-7 days for everything to arrive. Keep in mind shipping times could be longer during the holiday season.

Can I grow more than the recommend # of plants in a tent?

Technically you could, but they might get a little cramped. Cannabis plants need about 2 square feet of space each to achieve the best results. This allows the optimum airflow and light penetration your plants need to be happy and healthy.

Why buy a complete grow setup?

Our goal at Reefertlizer is to make it easier for everyone to start growing their own plants at home. We’ve pieced together all the necessary equipment so you don’t have to. We also provide guidance from seed to flower. Our expert advice is considered invaluable by our many happy customers.

Is this all I need to grow at home?

Yes. Each of these grow setups will have all you need to grow plants from seed to flower. We recommend getting the thermostat upgrade if you want a little bit of automation in your grow. Set the fan to turn on when the internal temperature of your tent reaches a set amount.

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