All-in-One Grow Kit For 3 Plants (2′ x 4′ x 6.5′)

This 3 plant kit includes:

  • MarsHydro Grow Tent
  • MarsHydro TSL2000 Grow Light
  • 4″ Fan and Carbon Air Filter
  • Reefertilizer® Nutrients and Gear

Provide your own seeds and soil.

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Save Money! Grow Your Own Weed, Peppers, Lettuce, and More

We have bundled all the gear to start your indoor growing journey

These are great starter kits for someone new to growing their own weed or other plants indoors. We have bundled together top-quality gear from MarsHydro and Reefertilizer nutrients so you know you’re working with quality.

With this indoor weed growing kit, you can expect to have up to 3 harvests a year or more if you’re growing autoflowers.

Here’s What You Get With Your 3 Plant Indoor Growing Kit

MarsHydro Grow Tent (2′ x 4′ x 5.9′)

Sturdy And Durable Indoor Grow Tent: With an iron frame and metal corners that support up to 88 LB, Mars Hydro grow tents will not rust, nor tip over or be crushed.
Increase Light Intensity: Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is able to reflect light to the whole plant and increase light intensity by 25%!
User-Friendly Designs: Mesh window for easy observation, removable floor tray for convenient cleaning, and circular vent holes with adjustable nylon straps for better installation of airflow systems and wiring.

MarsHydro TSL2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Reduced Energy Usage LED Grow Light: Consuming 300w as well as being installed with BridgeLux chips, the TSL2000 is able to replace a 400w HPS light while saving 40% electric power.
High Efficiency LED Grow Light: With overall light output PPF 717umol/S and a good PPE 2.6 umol/j, it’s 50% more photon effective so can promise a 30% larger return compared to the old HPS/MH lights.
Full Spectrum Plant-Preferred Spectra: By using a combination of LEDs of different ranges, the TSL2000 emits most light in the 400-700nm waveband, extremely conducive to plant photosynthesis. Infrared light (730-740nm) is included in the range to help form larger buds.


4″ Inline Fan and Carbon Air Filter

Effective & Quiet Ventilation Kit: The 4? Inline duct Fan is rated for max 205CFM, so it can move a lot of air. The fan has a speed controller and doesn’t make a lot of noise (28dB) on the low setting.
Excellent Odor Elimination: Australian virgin charcoal granules absorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon. There’s no need to worry about dank smells escaping the tent.
Optional Thermostat Upgrade: Instead of manually changing your fan speed, the thermostat upgrade automates your fan speed depending on the temperatures inside your tent.

Reefertilizer Cannabis Nutrient Kit

Reefertilizer® Nutrients

Easy To Use Plant Nutrition: Reefertilizer was designed to simplify the growing process with easy-to-mix weekly feedings and monthly top dressings.
Feed Your Soil and Your Plants: Reefertilizer Start feeds microbes in your soil beneficial enzymes and amino acids. It also helps build a helpful mycorrhizal network that improves the ability of roots to absorb nutrients and water. Grow and Bloom provides the right balance of macro and micronutrients for plants in veg and flower.

Growing Guide, Grow Journal, and Support

Reefertilizer’s Beginners Guide to Cannabis Cultivation: Our guide will show you the basics of growing weed as well as advanced techniques to increase your yields and chances for success.
Cannabis Growing Journal: This paper journal will help you track the progress of your plants and avoid mistakes in the future.
Growers Support: Contact us anytime and we will be happy to answer any cannabis growing questions you might have.

tds pH combo

pH and EC Meters

Monitor water and runoff pH with a digital pH meter. Measure the right level of nutrients using Electrical Conductivity with our 3 mode EC meter. Batteries not Included.


5 Gallon Fabric Planters (4 pack)

Weed growers love fabric pots because the porous material allows the drainage and aeration needed for healthy growth.
Proper ventilation allows roots to be naturally air-pruned, which helps them develop into a hardy, fibrous root system that is more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. A porous fabric pot also helps disperse excess heat.
Each pot comes with a pair of sturdy handle so you can safely move your plants with ease.

mechanical timer

Mechanical Timer

Keep it simple with a mechanical timer to control your LED lights. Easily set your day and night schedule by pushing down the durable plastic pegs. The time can be set at 15-minute intervals over a 24-hour period.
Comes with two grounded outlets and an “always on” or “timer” switch.
Your timer may not be the same as the one shown in the picture.

Humidity and temperature gauge trans

Digital Temperature + Humidity Sensor

You will want to grow your plants in the ideal environment. Keeping track of the temperature and humidity inside the tent you can avoid issues before they become serious problems.

This little guy can be placed inside the tent several ways. It has a stand and a bracket it can be hung on. It also pair of magnets on the back. If you place a piece of metal outside you can stick the sensor to the inside wall.
The sensor you receive may not be the same as the one shown in the picture.


This garden netting is used to help increase the yield of your plants. Weave branches through the net to train your plants to grow outwards and receive light evenly.

ratchet Hanger

Light Hangers

Each kit comes with two ratchet hangers for holding up lights or a carbon filter.
High-quality durable polypropylene rope means you won’t have to worry about anything falling and damaging your tent or equipment. Made with special composite material that ensures a lifetime of usage. Heat and cold resistant.
Easily adjust the height of the light, and can hold up to 150lbs per pair. Perfect for hanging grow lights, reflectors, carbon filters, Inline fans, duct fans, etc.

Using Reefertilizer Saves You Time and Money

Why are our kits cheaper than others?

We have an exclusive deal with Mars Hydro for tents, lights, and fans. We pass these savings on to you.
No Amazon fees. Amazon charges large fees to sellers which forces them to raise their prices. Buying through our website helps us retain our margins while saving you money.
We bundle the large (tent, light, fan) and the small (nutrients and gear) into two separate shipments. This saves money and shortens shipping time.
We provide complete grower support to help you get your first successful harvest. Good luck trying to get that kind of service from another supplier.

Feed Your Plant and Your Soil

Reefertilizer Start organic sea kelp feeds beneficial microbes in your soil. Mycorrhizal spores help grow fungal systems that increase water and nutrient uptake.

Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom are synthetic chelated fertilizers. Their nutritional elements are immediately available to plants once mixed into water. They speed up growth and stop deficiencies fast.

When all three parts of the Reefertilizer grow kit are used together you can greatly improve your plant’s growth rate.

Why wait until spring to start growing cannabis again?

For over 10 years MarsHydro has been manufacturing grow tents and indoor grow equipment. Their products are affordable and well-trusted in the cannabis community.

You can harvest several times a year with just one of these indoor grow setups. They easily fit into a closet or a spare room and pay for themselves in just a few harvests.

There’s no need to scour the internet and retail stores for a better deal. Reefertilizer and MarsHydro bundles beat any price on Amazon and come with professional growing guidance.

What Our Customers Think of Reefertilizer

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  1. This tent has been working great and easy to water plants with the windows on all sides and just to watch them grow 🙂 comes with everything needed to start growing successful plants

High Quality Gear From MarsHydro and Reefertilizer

Mars Hydro 1680D Indoor Grow Tent

This tent was selected for its affordability and value. This small indoor tent is large enough to grow 2 small plants or one plant with wiggle room. The outer canvas is made from a heavy duty material that will block light and keep in moisture. Setup takes only 10-15 minutes. When not in use, it can be taken down with ease and stored in a duffel or hockey bag.
Its size makes it a perfect fit for a medium sized closet. There are also plenty of sealable ports for routing wires and ducting.

MaterialHeavy Duty Nylon
Canvas Density1680D
Connecter MaterialSteel
Electrical Port Quantity2 (3”)
Vent Size2×7.5cm, 2x15cm, 1x20cm
Ventilation System4″
Mesh Window Size3*13cm×25cm
Door Quantity1

Mars Hydro TSL 2000 Full Spectrum SMD LED Grow Light

CoverageCore: 2’x4′ Max: 3’x5′
Max Yield2.3g/W
Input power300W±5%@AC120V, 298W±5%@AC240V
CertificateUKCA,CE,RoHS, ETL
Spectrum660-665nm 730-740nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K
Chip BrandBridgeLux
Input VoltageAC100-277V
Amps2.550A@AC120V 1.311A@AC240V 1.135A@AC277V
Dimension 1018*253.32*63.8mm

Reefertilizer Complete Nutrient Grow Kit

All the nutrients your weed plants will require for a complete indoor grow.
Our Start soil conditioner is made to enrich just about any medium with organic and renewable compost with active mycorrhizal spores.
Grow fertilizer is specifically designed to be fed to young plants so they grow quickly and avoid any sort of nutrient deficiency.
Bloom is for when your plants begin to flower and your plant’s nutritional requirements change to facilitate new bud growth.

Included is our step-by-step guide to home marijuana cultivation.

Simply feed your plants once a week and water them as needed. These nutrients are easy to measure, mix, and apply to your marijuana plants.

Reefertilizer Start Grow and Bloom

Decided to transplant my Pink Kush clone today. Her roots are looking awesome, thanks to Reefertilizer Start.


I use Reefertilizer for my White Widow CBD, and it loves the Grow nutrients mix.


Easy too use, great customer service and support. They responded to my questions quickly. plants growing great!


Learn The Reefertilizer Difference

How much weed can you grow with this complete marijuana grow kit?

The 60cm x 120cm tent has enough room to grow 2 marijuana plants. With the included TSL3000 LED full spectrum grow light a beginner grower can expect a modest 80g – 100g per plant on their first harvest. Depending on your skill level and growing technique, you could achieve much higher yields.
We estimate the total yield based on the “Watt to Weight” ratio. Experienced growers aim for 1g of harvested flower for every watt of light energy. So in theory a 300 watt light would produce 300g of weed if all goes perfectly. Novice growers should expect lower yields at first until they dial in the best grow methods for a particular strain.

There’s the potential to have 4 harvests in a year using this one indoor tent. By starting a seedling outside the tent during the last month of flower, it should be ready for the vegetative phase at harvest time. With good timing, a novice grower could produce 300g of weed every three months at home. That’s 900g of weed in a year!

Reefertilizer grow vegetables

Can I put other plants in this home grow tent kit?

You can other plants along with your weed plant in this grow tent. These one plant complete grow tents are meant for a singular plant but you can add a few more inside without any major problems. Grow lettuce and kale indoors all winter long.

What else will I need to start growing with this weed grow kit?

You will need to buy some soil and marijuana seeds before you start. There are many types of marijuana seeds available with the three main varieties being Indica, sativa, and autoflower. To save yourself a bit of effort look for feminized seeds to start. feminized marijuana seeds are 99% guaranteed to be a female plant that will produce flower. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds we have a helpful article to get you started

Organic and synthetic fertilizer

Is a Kit Like This Necessary For Growing at Home?

Weed growing kits like these are the perfect choice for an easy home grow. Growing marijuana plants in your home can lead to a lot of moisture. As the days go by this moisture can cause damage to your house. Having your plants contained within a grow tent will protect your home and maintain a proper environment for your pot plants.

The Reefertilizer difference

What makes Reefertilizer different from “other brands”?

Our goal at Reefertilizer is to get more folks growing their own cannabis. Reefertilizer provides easy-to-use and affordable nutrients along with straightforward guidance and support.
We designed our products to be lighter and have less packaging than our competitors. We’re happy to provide a 30-day return policy if you’re not happy with our products.

We’re not “big fertilizer”, we’re just three guys who love growing and using cannabis.

Want To Grow More Plants? Check out Our Other Grow Kits.

1 review for All-in-One Grow Kit For 3 Plants (2′ x 4′ x 6.5′)

5.0 Rating
1-1 of 1 review
  1. This tent has been working great and easy to water plants with the windows on all sides and just to watch them grow 🙂 comes with everything needed to start growing successful plants

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All-in-One Grow Kit For 3 Plants (2′ x 4′ x 6.5′)
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