Indoor Weed Growing Kit For 1 Plant

From: $570.20CAD

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This grow kit includes all essential equipment to harvest one weed plant from seed to flower every 3-4 months.

Provide your own seeds and soil.

Indoor Weed Growing Kit For 1 Plant

From: $570.20CAD

A great starter kit for someone new to growing their own weed. This kit contains all the basic hardware and equipment required to start growing good weed at home. Its small size makes it perfect for those with limited space or an unused closet.
The high-quality Full Spectrum SMD LED light will have more than enough power to grow weed from seed to harvest. These lights are also quiet and produce minimal heat. This LED has a lumen output of [email protected]. Growing weed is easy with our complete grow kit.

All the gear you need to successfully grow one cannabis plant indoors.
Each grow kit contains these items.

Reefertilizer Nutrient Grow Kit

All the nutrients your weed plants will require for a complete indoor grow.
Our Start soil conditioner is made to enrich just about any medium with organic and renewable compost with active mycorrhizal spores.
Grow fertilizer is specifically designed to be fed to young plants so they grow quickly and avoid any sort of nutrient deficiency.
Bloom is for when your plants begin to flower and your plant’s nutritional requirements change to facilitate new bud growth.

Included is our step by step guide to home marijuana cultivation.

Simply feed your plants once a week and water them as needed. These nutrients are easy to measure, mix, and apply to your marijuana plants.

Reefertilizer Start Grow and Bloom

Decided to transplant my Pink Kush clone today. Her roots are looking awesome, thanks to Reefertilizer Start.


I use Reefertilizer for my White Widow CBD, and it loves the Grow nutrients mix.


Easy too use, great customer service and support. They responded to my questions quickly. plants growing great!


Mars Hydro 60cm x 60cm Indoor Grow Tent

This tent was selected for its affordability and value. This small indoor tent is large enough to grow 2 small plants or one plant with wiggle room. The outer canvas is made from a heavy duty material that will block light and keep in moisture. Setup takes only 10-15 minutes. When not in use, it can be taken down with ease and stored in a duffel or hockey bag.
Its size makes it a perfect fit for a medium sized closet. There are also plenty of sealable ports for routing wires and ducting.

MaterialHeavy Duty Nylon
Canvas Density1680D
Connector MaterialSteel
Ducting Port Quantity1×8″ Double Cinching
Electrical Port Quantity2 (3″)
Vent Size1x 8″ vent
Mesh Window Size7”×12”(Quantity* L/W)
Door Quantity1
Dimension60cm x 60cm x 140cm | 24”x24”x55”
70cm x 70cm grow tent
Mars Hydro 24" x 24" grow kit

Mars Hydro TS 600 Full Spectrum SMD LED Grow Light

This led grow light was designed for growing weed and many other plants. A marijuana grow kit is not complete without this essential piece of equipment. The led grow light will hang from the top of your grow tent and is controlled by the included electrical timer.

Item NO.TS 600
CoverageVeg: 2ft x 2ft; flowering: 1.5ft x 1.5ft
Max Yield1.8g/W
Compare to HPS/MH/HID250 watts
Draw power80-100W
Hanging DistanceSeedling stage: 20~28‘’ Veg Stage: 16~20‘’ Flowering Stage: 10~16‘’
SpectrumWarm White (3000K), Blue Light (5000K), Red Light (660nm), IR Light (730nm)
Chip BrandEpistar
Lumen[email protected]
Input VoltageAC110-130V?220-240V
Number of LEDs120V-225pcs 240V-240pcs
Dimmable FunctionYes
Lifespan50000 hours
Work Temperature-4°F ~105°F (-20°C ~ 40°C)

Fan and Carbon Filter

Each kit now includes a 4″ fan and an activated carbon filter.
Keeping the fresh air flowing in your tent will help ensure your plants are getting enough CO2 and stay healthy. The carbon filter acts as an air scrubber and eliminates the smell of flowering plants from escaping your tent.
The fan includes a speed adjustment knob. The carbon filter also comes with a washable sock to help extend its life.

Light Hangers

Each kit comes with two ratchet hangers for holding up lights or a carbon filter.
High-quality durable polypropylene rope means you won’t have to worry about anything falling and damaging your tent or equipment. Made with special composite material that ensures a lifetime of usage. Heat and cold resistant.
Easily adjust the height of the light, and can hold up to 150lbs per pair. Perfect for hanging grow lights, reflectors, carbon filters, Inline fans, duct fans, etc.

Mechanical Timer

Keep it simple with a mechanical timer to control your LED lights. Easily set your day and night schedule by pushing down the durable plastic pegs. The time can be set at 15 minute intervals over a 24 hour period.
Comes with two grounded outlets and a on or timer switch.

Digital Temperature + Humidity Sensor

You will want to grow your plants in the ideal environment. Keeping track of the temperature and humidity inside the tent you can avoid issues before they become serious problems.

This little guy can be placed inside the tent several ways. It has a stand and a bracket it can be hung on. It also pair of magnets on the back. If you place a piece of metal outside you can stick the sensor to the inside wall.

5 Gallon Fabric Planters (4 pack)

Weed growers love fabric pots because the porous material allows the drainage and aeration needed for healthy growth.
Proper ventilation allows roots to be naturally air-pruned, which helps them develop into a hardy, fibrous root system that is more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. A porous fabric pot also helps disperse excess heat.
Each pot comes with a pair of sturdy handle so you can safely move your plants with ease.

Digital pH Pen

Accurately measure the pH of the water you feed your weed plants. Maintaining the right pH is very important for weed plants to be able to uptake nutrients efficiently.  Many times the symptoms of a nutrient deficiency are caused by an improper soil pH.

These digital pens come with their own case, water soluble calibration powder, and a calibration screwdriver.

Digital TDS Pen

This tool helps measure the strength of nutrients your feeding your indoor plants. It’s not a necessity when growing in soil but it can help prevent overfeeding.

The pen will help measure the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a liquid. By calculating the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of your nutrient solution it can determine the concentration of minerals. It will also estimate the concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM).

When growing plants like marijuana, they will need less fertilizer when small and more as they grow. You will start plants out with a 200 ppm solution and by flower, you will be feeding them around 1600 ppm

Our nutrient feeding schedule gradually increases the nutrient concentration as you go. Using a TDS meter means you can dial it just a little more.

How much weed can you grow with this complete marijuana grow kit?

The 70cm x 70cm tent has enough room to grow 1 marijuana plant. With a 300 watt LED grow light a beginner grower can expect a modest 80g – 100g on their first harvest. Depending on your skill level and growing technique, you could achieve much higher yields. Adding a carbon filter fan kit will also help increase potential yields.
The way we estimate total yield is based on the “Watt to Weight” ratio. Experienced growers aim for 1g of harvested flower for every watt of light energy. So in theory a 300 watt light would produce 300g of weed if all goes perfectly. Novice growers should expect lower yields at first until they dial in the best grow methods for a particular strain.
Save yourself some money, instead of buying new seeds, take cuttings from a female plant in veg and grow a genetically identical plant. You could also collect the seeds from a pollinated female plant. One pollinated plant can give you hundreds of seeds that you can grow yourself or give away to friends. Buds full of seeds are not the best for smoking, but it is a small sacrifice for extra seeds.

There’s potential to have 4 harvests in a year using this one indoor tent. By starting a seedling outside the tent during the last month of flower, it should be ready for the vegetative phase at harvest time. With good timing, a novice grower could produce 150g of weed every three months at home. That’s 600g of weed in a year!

Can I put other plants in this home grow tent kit?

You can other plants along with your weed plant in this grow tent. These one plant complete grow tents are meant for a singular plant but you can add a few more inside without any major problems. Grow lettuce and kale indoors all winter long.

What else will I need to start growing with this weed grow kit?

You will need to buy some soil and marijuana seeds before you start. There are many types of marijuana seeds available with the three main varieties being Indica, sativa, and autoflower. To save yourself a bit of effort look for feminized seeds to start. feminized marijuana seeds are 99% guaranteed to be a female plant that will produce flower. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds we have a helpful article to get you started

Is a Kit Like This Necessary For Growing at Home?

Weed growing kits like these are the perfect choice for an easy home grow. Growing marijuana plants in your home can lead to a lot of moisture. As the days go by this moisture can cause damage to your house. Having your plants contained within a grow tent will protect your home and maintain a proper environment for your pot plants.

Using Two Grow Kits, You Can Grow More Weed

Growing indoor weed isn’t hard once you get the hang of it. With two growing kits, you can keep one grow tent for marijuana in veg and the other grow tent for marijuana in flower. With this kind of grow tent setup, you can finish a complete marijuana grow every 2 months easy. This is what’s so awesome about indoor weed, you have complete control.

Save Money and Grow Weed

We love to grow weed, mary jane, marijuana, whatever you want to call it. We’ve compiled these kits so you don’t have to. Growing weed should be easy for everyone and that’s what our marijuana grow kits were built for.

Providing your own soil and seeds is the first step to getting started with these grow kits.
We don’t provide these for two reasons:

Soil is expensive to ship. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense when you can find good soil at a local home & garden center or nearby garden compost pile.

There are hundreds of strains of weed available. You should choose the one you want to grow. We can recommend a few strains for beginners like White Widow Autos or Green Crack. Autoflowering marijuana strains are also a fun choice for beginners.

You will find that our grow kits price tag is very competitive compared to what you will see on Amazon or other websites. 

Want To Grow More Plants? Check out Our Other Grow Kits.

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