All-in-One Grow Kit For 2 Plants


All-in-One Grow Kit For 2 Plants



Grow 2 plants in this 70cm x 70cmm tent with a little room to spare.

You will need to provide your own soil and seeds.

Easily grow good cannabis at home in a spare closet. Growing 2 plants gives you the option of growing 2 different strains at once. This tent is slightly larger than the 1 plant kit, and comes with a more powerful light that’s ideal for 2 plants.
The full spectrum LED gives you plants the ideal spectrum of light for their stage of growth while reducing energy costs and the lifespan of the TS 1000 light, 150w with 354 pcs diodes.

All the gear you need to successfully grow two cannabis plants indoors.
Each kit contains these items.

Reefertilizer Soil Conditioner and Fertilizers

These nutrients are designed to help you grow from a seedling to flower, providing the correct nutrients for each phase of cannabis growth.
Our Start soil conditioner can be used to make a powerful starter soil for seeds and clones.
This Grow fertilizer is specifically designed for the vegetative phase of cannabis growth. It provides the right amounts of primary and secondary nutrients to sustain healthy growth.
Start feeding your plants Bloom at the first sign of flower. These nutrients will help facilitate new bud growth and the formation of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Feed your plants once a week and water them as needed. These nutrients are easy to measure, mix, and apply to your cannabis plants.

I like how easy it is to mix, and the bags don’t take up much room in my cabinet.


Super easy to use.


This product is amazing … my plants love it!


Mars Hydro 1680D Indoor Grow Tent

MaterialHeavy Duty Nylon
Canvas Density1680D
Connecter MaterialSteel
Electrical Port Quantity2 (3”)
Vent Size2×7.5cm, 2x15cm, 1x20cm
Ventilation System4″
Mesh Window Size3*13cm×25cm
Door Quantity1

Mars Hydro TSS 1000 Full Spectrum SMD LED Grow Light

CoverageVeg: 3ft x 3ft; flowering: 2.5ft x 2.5ft
Max Yield2.0g/W
Input power150W±5%@AC120V, 148W±5%@AC240V
CertificateUKCA,CE,RoHS, ETL
Spectrum660-665nm 3200-4200K 5200-6800K
Chip BrandBridgeLux
Input VoltageAC100-277V
Amps[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Number of LEDs354
ts 1000

Fan and Carbon Filter

Each kit now includes a 4″ fan and an activated carbon filter.
Keeping the fresh air flowing in your tent will help ensure your plants are getting enough CO2 and stay healthy. The carbon filter acts as an air scrubber and eliminates the smell of flowering plants from escaping your tent.
The fan includes a speed adjustment knob. The carbon filter also comes with a washable sock to help extend its life.

Light Hangers

High-quality durable polypropylene rope. Made with special composite material. Heat and cold resistant. Easily adjust the height of the light, and can hold up to 150lbs per pair. Perfect for hanging grow lights, reflectors, carbon filters, Inline fans, duct fans, etc.

Mechanical Timer

A simple mechanical timer to control your LED lights with. Set time at 15 minute intervals. Grounded outlet. Always on or timer mode switch.

Digital Temperature + Humidity Sensor

You will want to grow your plants in the ideal environment. Keeping track of the temperature and humidity inside the tent you can avoid issues before they become serious problems.

This little guy can be placed inside the tent several ways. It has a stand and a bracket it can be hung on. It also pair of magnets on the back. If you place a piece of metal outside you can stick the sensor to the inside wall.

5 Gallon Fabric Planters (4 pack)

Cannabis growers love fabric pots because the porous material allows the drainage and aeration needed for healthy growth.
Proper ventilation allows roots to be naturally air-pruned, which helps them develop into a hardy, fibrous root system that is more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. The porus fabric also helps disperse excess heat.
Each pot comes with a pair of sturdy handle so you can move your plant easily and safely.

Digital TDS Pen

This tool helps measure the strength of nutrients your feeding your plants. It’s not a necessity when growing in soil but it can help prevent overfeeding.

The pen will help measure the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a liquid. By calculating the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of your nutrient solution it can determine the concentration of minerals. It will also estimate the concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM).

When growing plants like cannabis they need less nutrients when small and more as they grow. You will start plants out with a 200 ppm solution and by flower you will be feeding them around 1600 ppm

Our nutrient feeding schedule gradually increases the nutrient concentration as you go. Using a TDS meter means you can dial it just a little more.

Digital pH Pen

Accurately measure the pH of the water you feed your cannabis plants. Maintaining the right pH is very important for cannabis plants to be able to uptake nutrients efficiently.  Many times the symptoms of a nutrient deficiency are caused by an improper soil pH.

These digital pens come with their own case, water soluble calibration powder, and a calibration screwdriver.

How Much Weed Can I Grow With This 2 Plant Kit?

The amount of cannabis you can harvest will depend on your skills as a grower. In the best conditions, an experienced grower can produce 1g per Watt of light energy growing in soil. For a beginner, an initial harvest of 0.25g per Watt is more likely. After some experience an average to good grow should produce 0.5 grams per Watt of light energy.
With a 500 Watt LED light, your harvest should range from 150g to 500g.


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