CVault Cannabis Storage Container

From: $44.95CAD

Built For Life!
Includes Boveda Humidity Pack
Wide Base Prevents Crushed Buds

CVault Cannabis Storage Container

Cure and Store Your Weed The Right Way!

Curing your cannabis harvest correctly is the most crucial step to keeping your weed smelling and tasting its best. These airtight containers are a step up from your regular old glass jars. There are several reasons these stainless steel containers so great.

  • Air tight and light proof means your weed is protected from the elements.
  • These wider containers prevent buds from being crushed by the weight above
  • Durable and last a lifetime
  • They include a little sleeve to hold your two-way humidty pack.

Large CVault container holds up to 1 oz and comes with 2x Size 8 62% humidity Boveda packs.

2 Liter CVault container holds up to 1/4 lb and comes with one Size 67 62% humidity Boveda pack.

Constructed with 304 food grade stainless steel it is easy to use, clean & sanitize. A high-quality rubber seal makes these air-tight and smell-proof. These are the containers professional growers use to cure their harvests.


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