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Helpful articles to help you get started growing your own cannabis or hemp.

How to Grow Cannabis at the Cottage

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How to Calibrate a pH Pen

You gotta take care of your tools! pH pens need to be calibrated every so...[Read More]


When should you start feeding your cannabis plants fertilizer

You need to feed your cannabis nutrients. But when do you start?

Spacebucket Update – Fan Adapter + Humidity, Temperature, and Smell Control

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How To Setup An Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent – A [DIY] Guide by Reefertilizer

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Caring for your Cannabis Sprouts – Growing Weed Week 2 & 3

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Week 4 – Transplanting Cannabis

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Week 1 – Cannabis Seed Selection and Germination

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How to Build a Space Bucket

A Space Bucket is a great way to grow one plant when you lack the...[Read More]

What’s the difference between powder fertilizers and liquid?

Liquid nutrients or powder nutrients? Which one is the best for you and your grow?

Welcome to Reefertilizer!

Welcome to our blog all about growing marijuana. Our goal is to simplify the process...[Read More]