How to Grow Cannabis at the Cottage

Weekends at the cabin are a Canadian tradition. Whether it’s in the cottage country of Ontario or the ocean-side forests of British Columbia, Canadians love to get away for the weekend. One of the benefits of owning a cottage is having the ability to grow marijuana in privacy, outside of your home, and outside of the city.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis at the Cottage

There are many benefits to growing cannabis at the cottage. Having an out-of-town spot to safely grow your plants provides you with a degree of privacy you can’t get at home. You will no longer have to worry about visitors seeing your grow-op. Moreover, growing outdoors prevents odors and smells from stinking up your house. Growing cannabis at the cottage is simply much more convenient and private than doing so at home.

Another benefit of growing cannabis at the cabin is that outdoor grows require significantly less equipment and effort. Indoor setups can range from simple grow boxes to complex grow rooms. The equipment required to grow high-quality cannabis in indoor conditions can sometimes be very expensive. By growing outdoors, you can save money by harnessing the power of nature and allowing your plants to grow naturally under the sun.

Many condos and apartments explicitly forbid growing cannabis in the home. For people living in this kind of housing, growing at the cabin is one of the only ways they can grow marijuana.

Most importantly it gives you a reason to head to the cottage to drink a few beers and admire your weed plants!

Choosing the Best Outdoor Location for Cannabis

Stay Away From Pine Trees

Avoid planting your cannabis too close to pine trees. Fallen pine needles tend to make soil more acidic.

Choosing a location for your outdoor grow will be one of the most important decisions you make. Wherever you place your plants, you need to make sure they are able to get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. Ideally, your plants should be exposed to the midday sun, when the quality of light produced by the sun is the best. South-facing hills are the best spots in the northern hemisphere because they get slightly more sun in the summer.

Plant Cannabis Near A Stream

Planting Cannabis Near a Stream

If you won’t be up at the cabin every weekend and are worried about watering your plants consistently. Plant them close to a swamp or river bed where the soil will be fertile and moist.

If your cottage is located in a spot that sees regular wind activity, you should also ensure that your plants are protected from the wind. Windbreakers can be fashioned from all sorts of materials and can be as simple as a plastic tarp. Bushes and small trees can act as natural windbreakers. However, be careful to make sure that natural windbreakers do not interfere with your plant’s access to direct sunlight.

Replace outdoor soil with an organic soil mix

Replace Soil With Organic Mix

Don’t reuse soil dug up from the ground. Dig a 2 foot wide and 2 foot deep hole and fill it with an organic soil mix, including Reefertilizer Start.

Finally, you should choose a location that keeps your plants safe from nosy neighbors, natural predators, and potential thieves. Fences, backyards, and natural shrubbery are your best bet for protecting your plants. If you decide to keep your plants on your property, make sure they are well concealed. Otherwise, planting them in a nearby forest, or camouflaged along a treeline or riverbank might be a good option.

Best Cannabis Strains for Growing Outdoors

When it comes to outdoor growing, choosing the right strain can be just as important as choosing the right spot. Some strains simply do not possess the genetics that will allow them to thrive in outdoor conditions. Factors like climate, resilience, and resistance all play a role in determining whether a plant can be grown outdoors. Here are 3 strains that are well-suited for outdoor growing in the cool Canadian summer climate.

1 – White Widow

Widow is one of the most iconic strains in the world. It is a Dutch classic, born and bred in the Netherlands. This strain was bred for cooler European climates, similar to that in Canada. Widow plants can be expected to grow to nearly 2 meters in outdoor conditions. The buds this plant produces induce a clear-headed, clean high that is both euphoric and uplifting. The ideal harvesting time for outdoor White Widow plants is mid-to-late October. If you live somewhere with a very early frost try the autoflowering variety.

Critical Kush

2 – Critical Kush

Critical Kush is an indica-dominant strain that is well known for its ability to resist colder climates. This strain is derived from a cross between the strains OG Kush and Critical. It is a vigorous, sturdy, and rapidly flowering strain that is known to produce high yields of potent cannabis. The high produced by this plant’s buds is a rare cerebral couch-lock that is at times both calming and stimulating.

LSD Cannabis Strain

3 – LSD

LSD is a very durable and resilient strain, making it perfect for outdoor growing. This strain can take a reasonable amount of neglect and still turn out fine. LSD is typically bred as a 70/30 indica-dominant strain, delivering a healthy mix of both indica and sativa effects. The flowering time of this strain is a little longer, at 65-70 days, however, the wait is well worth it. Or try the quicker autoflowering version.

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