5 Strains Of Cannabis Anyone Can Grow With Ease

DISCLAIMER! The use, production, cultivation, processing, ingestion and procurement of cannabis and all its  by-products, may not be legal or appropriate in many areas of the world. Before cultivating or consuming any cannabis, in any form, consult your local authorities and laws online or contact your local municipal office.

Easy Is A Relative Term

The 5 strains of cannabis or marijuana (or both) listed are easier than many other strains to grow. Having said that, the plants themselves demand respect and care, the same as any other living thing. When growing, considerations must be made – especially with these plants – because of their susceptibility to temperature change, soil deficiencies, and light exposure. So, are there plants that are hardier or more rugged than others?

Easy Mode On

Easy Bud, as the name so blatantly implies, is quite easy to grow. Strangely, it is a simple, yet greatly underestimated plant of great dispute. The plant is classified as cannabis ruderalis and is believed to be a subspecies of Sativa. It is used in many crossbreeds for its ability to grow quickly and abundantly. The bud has a fragrance of citrus, and it grows to maturity in five to seven weeks. When the clustered buds are gathered, there is a wafting of sharp cheese. An incredibly rugged plant from the Himalayas, Easy Bud is great for rookie growers. 

Photo credit: royalqueenseeds.com

White Widow Isn’t an Arachnid

White widow has been around since the ’90s and has won a slew of awards. Its buds are favored for use in extractors and in making hash because of their density. It’s a Dutch strain that is mold-resistant making it a favorable first-time outdoor strain for new planters and veterans alike. It is also a favorite because it can yield 500-550 grams per plant on average, and it grows in eight to nine weeks. White Widow is also a perfect split of 50% Sativa, 50% Indica and provides a very cerebral high. It is best grown in temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo credit: Ontario Cannabis Store

That’s Somango

Another wonderfully hearty strain is Somango, particularly the XL strain. Somango XL is a cross of Somango and Critical 47. It is great for growing outdoors and thrives even in cold, rough conditions. It is harvested in late September. It takes approximately eight to nine weeks to mature, but it can grow up to 2 meters in height. Another other reason it is preferred by many new growers is that it can yield between 4-600 grams per plant. It is an Indica heavy strain that leaves a strong cerebral, yet clear-headed, high. The plant has trichomes that look like squiggly veins of orange and greenish-white sprigging off of it.

somango soma cannabis seeds
Photo credit: Soma Seeds

Brilliant And Sparkling Northern Lights

This strain really is beautiful with its twinkling, gleaming, compact bud structure. It’s easy to see why it is a benchmark of cannabis genetics. Northern Lights has been spliced with so many other breeds, and it is in a ton of popular strains today. It is a hearty and earthy smelling plant with a six to eight-week turn around time. The effects of the herb are that of heavy sedation due to its 95 percent Indica background. It also has a surprising tolerance to transplanting. It has a gummy, sticky texture due to its bud structure making it ideal for use in distillates and extractions. It was produced by Sensi Seeds.

Photo credit: Ontario Cannabis Store

Don’t Pinch Yourself, It’s Just A Blue Dream


Blue Dream is an incredible monster of a plant strain that is one of the easiest to grow. You could drop a seed down a drain in your backyard and have a marijuana privacy fence in 65-70 days. The amazing thing about these 3-4 meter giants is the quality and potency of the 70 percent Sativa strain. This plant needs room and it is recommended that if you do decide to grow it, you do so outdoors. The plant carries an almost fruity smell and is at a potency of 19% THC. The plants yield roughly 2-3 kilograms per plant outdoors. They really look like a magnificent, shaggy green wall when growing in clusters.

Photo credit: weedmaps

Grow Easy On Yourself

Whether you have a green thumb, or you’re just starting out, cultivating a plant is always a challenge. Remember that most problems can be looked up and solved with ease these days. Consult your local laws and if you have the green light, go talk to someone about growing your own green. Plants can be near death and brought back a lot easier than people think and these strains are wonderfully easy to grow even in less than ideal conditions.

Whether it’s a closet, balcony, garage or industrial level greenhouse, you can grow big, bountiful plants easily as long as you remember to seek out the solution to any problems you have instead of guessing how to correct it.

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