Can I Grow Tomatoes With Weed Fertilizer?

Tomatoes and cannabis might seem like an unusual pairing, but when it comes to their diet, they’re more alike than you might think! Both of these green buddies thrive on a similar mix of key nutrients.
They love to chow down on nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), which are the big three in the nutrient world, commonly referred to as N-P-K. These macronutrients play star roles in plant growth; nitrogen is crucial for leafy development, phosphorus for strong root systems and blooming, and potassium for overall health and disease resistance.

Secondary nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur are also on the menu, as well as a sprinkle of important micronutrients like iron, manganese, and zinc. These are like the herbs and spices that round out a meal—small but mighty in their contribution to a plant’s well-being.

Here’s the good news: cannabis fertilizers like Reefertilizer can cater to both your tomatoes and cannabis plants. Using cannabis nutrients for your tomatoes isn’t just a possible hack; it’s an effective strategy. Why? Because these nutrients are designed to be easily absorbed, and tailored to the two distinct growth phases of both plants; veg and flower.

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What makes Cannabis fertilizer good for tomatoes

Tomatoes and cannabis might seem like an unlikely pair, but they’re quite compatible when it comes to their nutritional needs. Both have similar needs through their growth phases: the vegetative stage, when leaves and stems expand, and the blooming stage, where fruits and flowers form. Reefertilizer Bloom shines in supporting these phases for both plant types, as it’s packed with calcium—crucial for preventing blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Using cannabis-specific nutrients for tomatoes isn’t just doable; it’s beneficial. By employing the same fertilization techniques you’d use for cannabis, you can foster robust tomato plants. The blend of nutrients in products like Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom ensures your tomatoes receive the balanced diet they crave, from sprouting seed to juicy fruit. This tailored approach makes the most of each stage, promoting healthy growth and bountiful yields with the macronutrients tomatoes need most.

Other bigger kits with multiple liquid fertilizers are a bit overkill for tomatoes and will complicate your growing situation while costing a lot more to use.

Can I use Tomato Fertilizer For Weed?

Traditionally, old-school cannabis growers would reach for tomato fertilizers as a clever disguise to nurture their weed plants without attracting unwanted attention. While this workaround offered a basic solution, it was far from ideal. Tomato fertilizers can indeed support cannabis growth, but unlike specialized nutrients, they aren’t designed to cater to the unique stages of a weed plant’s life cycle.

Cannabis has distinct nutritional requirements during its vegetative and flowering phases, necessitating a more orchestrated approach to feeding. General-purpose tomato fertilizers may provide a broad range of nutrients, but they lack the precision of cannabis-specific fertilizers like those from Reefertilizer. With such a general solution, growers often find themselves either overfeeding or underfeeding their plants, leading to suboptimal growth and yields.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis and Tomatoes Together

Camouflage: Tomato plants help conceal cannabis by creating a varied green canopy. This can discourage potential thieves as the distinctive cannabis leaves are less visible among tomato plants.

Shared Nutrients: Both tomatoes and cannabis thrive on similar macronutrients. Applying a balanced, versatile fertilizer can nourish both types of plants effectively, streamlining your gardening efforts.

Garden Efficiency: Utilizing the same fertilization regime for both plants can save time and resources. It allows you to care for both crops simultaneously without the need for separate products or schedules.

Complementary Growth: Tomatoes and cannabis can grow harmoniously in close proximity, potentially fostering a beneficial environment where each plant can flourish.

Simplified Routine: Growers can manage their garden more efficiently, thanks to the reduced complexity in dealing with a single nutrient solution, like those provided by Reefertilizer.

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How to feed your tomato plants Reefertilizer

When growing tomatoes, feeding them the right nutrients at the right time is key to a bountiful harvest. Start with Reefertilizer Start by adding 3 scoops to the hole you are transplanting your tomato plant into. It can also be used as a top dressing after planting, to establish strong roots and enhance soil health. Scatter 3 scoops around the base of each tomato plant once a month.

As your tomatoes enter the vegetative stage, mix 1 scoop of Reefertilizer Grow with every gallon of water, and drench the soil around your plants every two weeks. This will promote robust leaf and stem development.

Transition to Reefertilizer Bloom during the flowering stage. Blend 1 scoop with a gallon of water to provide the optimal nutrients for fruit production, applying it every two weeks.

Keep an eye out for any changes in your plants that might indicate nutritional deficiencies or excesses, and modify your feeding plan accordingly. 

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