Grow Great Tomatoes!
…and other plants too 😉

Reefertilizer is a step by step grow system that feeds your soil and changes as your plants grow.

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What makes Reefertilizer® The Best Tomato Fertilizer?

Tomatoes have three stages to their lifecycle.

As the seedling grows, roots reach down into the soil in search for nutrients. 

The plant will need plenty of sunshine, CO2, and most importantly nutrients to help build leaves and a strong plant structure. 

As the plant matures it begins to grow fruit which will slowly ripen on the plant. 

Tomato plants have different needs during each of these stages of growth and Reefertilizer provides them exactly what they need when they need it.

So let’s see what each Reefertilizer product does and how to use them…

Reefertilizer® Start

Organic Kelp Meal and Mycorrhizal Top Dressing

  • Builds a better root system
  • Feed soil microbes
  • improves water and nutrient uptake

Reefertilizer® Grow

Nutrient Rich Powder Fertilizer Made For Veg

  • High in nitrogen
  • Easily dissolves in water
  • Immediately available nutrients 

Reefertilizer® Bloom

Potassium Rich Powder Fertilizer Made For Fruiting Plants

  • High in phosphorus and potassium
  • Micro nutrients
  • improves water and nutrient uptake

How To Grow Amazing Tomatoes With Reefertilizer

  1. Preparing the soil: Before planting your tomatoes, make sure to prepare the soil well by adding compost, organic matter, and well-composted manure. This will help to improve soil structure, fertility, and drainage.

  2. Planting: Plant your tomato seedlings in a sunny location, with good air circulation. Ensure that the seedlings are planted at the correct depth and spaced far enough apart to allow for proper growth and development.

  3. Top dressing with Reefertilizer Start: After planting, use Reefertilizer Start as a top dressing. This organic kelp meal and mycorrhizae mixture will help to build healthy roots and improve soil fertility. Apply Reefertilizer Start once a month by evenly spreading 3 scoops around the base of each plant.

  4. Veg stage with Reefertilizer Grow: During the veg stage, when your plants are growing leaves and stems, use Reefertilizer Grow as your fertilizer. Mix 1 scoop of Reefertilizer Grow with every gallon (4L) of water, and apply the solution to the soil around the base of each plant. Repeat the application every 2 weeks.

  5. Bloom stage with Reefertilizer Bloom: Once your plants begin to flower and produce fruit, switch to Reefertilizer Bloom. This water-soluble fertilizer is specially formulated for fruiting plants and will help to ensure that your tomatoes receive the right nutrients for maximum yields. Apply Reefertilizer Bloom by mixing 1 scoop with a gallon (4L) water and applying it to the soil around the base of each plant once every two weeks.

  6. Monitoring and maintenance: Throughout the growing season, monitor your plants for signs of stress or disease, and take action as needed. Regular watering, mulching, and pruning will also help to ensure that your tomatoes are healthy and productive.

By following these steps, you should be able to grow a bountiful crop of tomatoes using Reefertilizer products. So easy!

Made For Cannabis, But Great For Tomatoes and More

The trick with growing cannabis is you want your plants to be as bountiful as possible. Cannabis growers can get a lot out of their plants by adjusting their strategy as the plant grows. If we apply this same logic to other consumable plants like tomatoes, you can maximize your harvest size!

I used these on my tomatoes as well as my cannabis plants. I’m blown away by the results i’ve had with both. Thanks!


This was my second season growing with Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom. Last year’s yield was outstanding and this year’s was even better. It’s a perfect combo for a small crops.


Awesome! I used Reefertilizer for my transplants for tomato, weed, watermelon and pepper plants..


Get Your Reefertilizer Grow Kit Today For Only $84.95

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Secure Online Payments Through Credit Card, Bitcoin, and Interac e-transfer