5 Best Strains for Different Activities and Exercises

It’s pretty clear that cannabis comes in all shapes and forms. These days, you can consume weed in a variety of ways, and the list of consumption methods just seems to be growing by the day. There’s not just a huge variety of consumption methods available, but also a long list of strains – and once again, this list just continues to grow. 

If you know anything about the basics of weed, you’re probably already aware of the differences between strain types. Even if you only have a vague understanding, it’s common knowledge that indicas are more geared towards full-body relaxation (sometimes they even glue you to the couch) while sativas have mentally energizing properties for boosting creativity and productivity.

What some cannabis users don’t realize is that marijuana can be used to enhance physical activity and exercise. As it turns out, it’s not just used for relaxation and mental stimulation. When you choose the right strain, you might just be able to enhance your daily runs, yoga classes, meditations, and of course, we can’t forget about those necessary chill out sessions. 

Here you can find a full rundown for the best strains for each of these activities and more. 

Sour Cheese for High Energy Workouts

Sour Cheese is a hybrid strain that cultivates a balanced high, creating an almost complete equilibrium between relaxed mental awareness and high energy coursing through the body. It’s slightly sativa dominant, so it tends towards being more energizing than relaxing, making a great choice for workouts like kickboxing, HIIT, or running. 

Orange Diesel for Yoga & Meditation

Yet another sativa-dominant strain for enhancing physical activity is Orange Diesel. Orange Diesel is commonly used for treating ADD and ADHD in adults because it helps to reign in the mind and boost focus and clarity. This focus-enhancing property makes it great for yoga and meditation sessions. 

The key to Orange Diesel for yoga and mediation is to remember that less is more, especially if you don’t want to fall asleep during the final resting pose of Shavasana. One or two puffs should do the trick for reigning in your constantly-moving mind. 

Sour Diesel is another great option for yoga and meditation. Just as the name suggests, this strain has some of the same genetics as Orange Diesel. Smoking the right amount can lead to a cerebral, even euphoric high that a true yogi will appreciate. 

Ghost Train Haze for Concentration

Maybe you don’t see concentration as physical activity, but lots of people are bound to disagree with you. Whether you need to concentrate for fun or for work, Ghost Train Haze can help you get there. This is another sativa, but it has insanely high THC levels. The tiniest bit can help to boost creativity and concentration, but going overboard could lead to anxiety.

Train Wreck for Chilling

A true athlete understands that no workout routine is complete without a rest day here and there. For chilling out on the couch and taking a breather, Train Wreck is the way to go. There are tons of strains out there that are conducive to chilling, but Train Wreck takes it to a whole new level. 

The Cali-based genetics of this strain are a bit of a mystery, but what’s not a mystery is the fact that TW can hit you like a freight train (hence the name). Although this is a potent sativa, it gives a fun blend of euphoric surges and awakened creativity, perfect for fun chill-out sessions. 

Super Lemon Haze for Gym Motivation

One of the biggest struggles for ramping up health and wellness is finding the motivation to actually make it to the gym. Super Lemon Haze can help. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that creates a cerebral high, and for many people, this high poses itself as inspiring motivation. 

Because of its sativa genetics, SLH is more energizing than relaxing, so don’t worry, you won’t fall asleep at the bench press. There is one thing to be aware, though; this strain is hard-hitting on the THC, sometimes testing as high as 25%. If you’re not used to cannabis yet, try a different strain first, and even if you are a heavy cannabis-user, go light on this stuff. 

Where to Find These Strains and More

There are lots of different strains available, which is made obvious by a quick walk through your local dispensary or web browse of an online dispensary. Your best bet at finding the exact strain your looking for – or simply sampling as many strains as possible to see what works for you – is to use an online cannabis provider. 

The biggest problem with shopping for weed online is not knowing where to start (just as the list of strains increases, so does the list of online dispensaries). Using a resource like Online Dispensary Canada Guide can help; it focuses on providing the most up-to-date information on the top online dispensaries in Canada as well as the products they carry. 

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