Reefertilizer Start Giveaway – Photo Contest

We have some exciting news for you!

Reefertilizer Start has been upgraded to organic kelp granules.

The new Start is just as versatile as before can still be used in the same three ways to improve soil with beneficial microorganisms including mycorrhizal and over 60 trace elements and minerals:

  • A Top Dressing
  • Starter Soil Amendment
  • Adding Before Transplant


Our new formula has a better shelf life, is easier to use all while maintaining the lower carbon footprint as before!

Want to try it out yourself?

We really excited about this product update and want to giveaway 5 bags to 5 lucky customers.

All you need to enter this giveaway is to send us a picture of you with your plant(s) in the form below.

The contest deadline is August 23rd

Start kelp meal and mycorrhizae in scoop
Reefertilizer Start Cannabis Soil Top Dressing

Sorry, the contest is over.
Check out the winning photos!

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2 thoughts on “Reefertilizer Start Giveaway – Photo Contest

  1. James Taylor says:

    While they don’t enjoy the small bag and small scoop (I have big hands), I do love the product. Warm water is a must to properly dissolve but a little work as off. My outdoor Wedding Cake and Blueberry strains are doing excellent. Might I recommend a tub as opposed to a bag for storage. I look forward to trying start on the next run.

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