The Beauty Of Colour: How To Grow Purple Cannabis Buds?

The beauty of color is in its diversity, and cannabis buds are no exception to this rule. It’s widely known that marijuana strains are green, but some of them do come in different colors, such as purple. 

For cannabis buds, the environment matters. In fact, cannabis buds can change their color naturally depending on the conditions they are grown in. In most cases, this happens spontaneously when marijuana is grown outside in cold temperatures.

The exact color of the plant depends on the pH level of anthocyanin water-soluble pigment molecules classified as flavonoids and can be red, purple, or blue. Cannabis buds become purple when this compound pH is neutral. 

Such an unusual natural phenomenon has sparked interest among marijuana users. In no time everyone wanted either to try purple cannabis, or grow it.  

Here is how to grow purple cannabis easily.

somango soma cannabis seeds

How To Grow Purple Cannabis Buds?

It all starts with the right seeds. To have the best purple cannabis buds, you need the right seeds. 

Also, the strain should contain high levels of anthocyanin (a pigment responsible for this color change). Anthocyanin is also the pigment responsible for the purple color of blueberries.

To get the most beautiful purple color, you need to plant marijuana where the days are warm and nights are cool. . 

For marijuana buds to become purple, during the flowering period, the night cycle temperature should be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). 

Lower nighttime temperature two weeks before harvest is the best environment for developing purple cannabis buds.

Light Helps

Light can do wonders for any plant, including cannabis. In some cases, a plant may produce specific purple tones as a response to light. 

Direct light can affect buds and leaves and affect her appearance. Simply said, they may become purple. The importance of light levels varies on a strain by strain basis. In fact, once the plant is exposed to lower night temperatures, leaves are most likely to turn purple. Leaves exposed to direct light turn purple, while leaves in shade often stay green.

Keep The PH Levels At Convenient Levels

Marijuana experts and commercial growers will always talk about pH levels. Understanding pH levels can lead to better growth.

The ideal pH ranges in soil are between 6.0 and 7.0 while the ranges in hydroponic grow mediums are 5.5 to 6.5. 

For some of the strains it works this way, if you want to have pink buds, you should keep the pH ranges lower than normal. On the other hand, if you want purple buds, you should keep the pH ranges neutral. 

Short List Of Most Common Myths On Why Cannabis Turns Purple

  • You can turn weed purple by depriving it of nutrients
  • If you freeze cannabis you can turn them into purple
  • You can use food coloring to create purple cannabis buds

Useful Tips to Know

For maximum results, expert marijuana growers advise growing your marijuana buds indoors. This way you can easier control the conditions and set the right temperature. 

As mentioned earlier the right temperature is crucial when it comes to great purple cannabis buds. 

Purple cannabis buds can be grown outdoors, but there might be some external factors that could make the process more challenging.

Did you know that using the wrong fertilizer or growing in the wrong soil can minimize the success of your harvest, or destroy the plant completely? Therefore, make sure that you have the right info from day one.

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