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Outdoor Cannabis Water and Feeding Secrets

Many consumers want their weed grown in the great outdoors, believing that the flavor profile...[Read More]

How To Use Marijuana Fertilizer

Marijuana fertilizer isn't much different than using fertilizer for other plants like tomatoes. Here's what...[Read More]

Cheese Strain Seeds

Delve into the distinct world of Cheese strain seeds, renowned for their unique aroma and...[Read More]

Best Cannabis Nutrients for Soil

This is a must-read for anyone looking for The best cannabis nutrients for Soil

Growing Cannabis With Pets

Growing cannabis with pets requires careful planning to ensure your plants and furry friends stay...[Read More]

Maximize Terpene Production In Cannabis

Terpenes! Terpenes! Terpenes! It's a hot topic these days. Learn how terpenes affect the flavour...[Read More]

Cannabis Glossary – Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Discover the dynamic world of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes , each contributing to the unique...[Read More]

Growing Tomatoes Alongside Cannabis with Weed Fertilizer

Cannabis grows well with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes.

Boosting Buds: Optimal Flowering Nutrients for Outdoor Weed

With a focus on Reefertilizer Bloom, we’ll uncover how to nourish your garden for maximum...[Read More]

Tips For Growing Weed in The Backyard or On a Balcony

Indoor grows have their advantages, but nothing beats growing weed in the backyard or on...[Read More]


Can I Grow Tomatoes With Weed Fertilizer?

Tomatoes and cannabis might seem like an unusual pairing, but when it comes to their...[Read More]

Week 4 Weed – How to Transplant a Cannabis Plant From a Solo Cup

Let's talk about how to transplant a cannabis plant! Transplanting your plants to larger pots...[Read More]

What is Fimming, Pinching, and Topping Cannabis Plants?

Topping cannabis plants when their young is the easiest way to increase the overall yield...[Read More]

Cannabis Glossary – Cultivars and Genetics

Learn the key terminology that defines cannabis cultivars and their genetic makeup, empowering you with...[Read More]

From Bud to Benefit: Cultivation, Harvesting, and Extraction of THCA Flower

THCA holds immense promise as a therapeutic agent, offering a range of potential benefits.

The Role of Terpenes in Cannabis

These aromatic compounds are part of what makes cannabis unique.

Best Diesel Seeds To Grow

Love that diesel! Here are our top seed recommendations.

Can I Prune or Top an Autoflower

Autoflower pruning & topping? Discover the best techniques and timing for success.