Growing Tomatoes Alongside Cannabis with Weed Fertilizer

Cannabis grows well with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes. This article discusses the process of growing cannabis with tomato plants, what each plant needs to grow, and how you can bring both crops to a successful harvest.

nnovative Gardening: Growing Tomatoes Alongside Cannabis with Weed Fertilizer

Cannabis grows well with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes. This article discusses the process of growing cannabis with tomato plants, what each plant needs to grow, and how you can bring both crops to a successful harvest. 

What Plants Need

Plants need sunlight, fresh air, water, and minerals. Minerals can be supplied in the form of fertilizer, and include micronutrients and macronutrients. 

Micronutrients needed in trace quantities include the following:


  • Boron – Necessary for reproductive growth and cell formation.
  • Calcium – Needed for cell wall strength and integrity. 
  • Copper – Photosynthesis and respiration require this element.
  • Iron – Needed for creating chlorophyll and energy production.
  • Manganese – Necessary for photosynthesis, production of enzymes, and nitrogen-based metabolic processes.
  • Magnesium – Needed to create chlorophyll and power photosynthetic processes.
  • Sulfur – Enables enzymes and protein production. 
  • Zinc – Needed by enzymes and for regulating growth.

Macronutrients needed in large quantities include: 

  • Potassium – A major element the plant uses to maintain plant health, regulate water intake, and resist disease.
  • Nitrogen – Needed for healthy leaf and stem development.
  • Phosphorus – Necessary for root development, fruit, and flower production.

Growth Stages 

After germination, tomatoes and weed go through vegetation, flowering, and fruiting stages.

The vegetation phase is where tomatoes and cannabis grow the most. During this time both plants need high levels of macronutrients like nitrogen to generate chlorophyll, produce energy, and grow leaves, roots, and stems. At a certain point, driven by changes in available light and/or genetic factors, they will create buds and enter the flowering/fruiting stage.

By applying the right kind of fertilizer at the right time, growers can protect the health of their crops, increase growth, decrease time to harvest, and boost production.

Using Fertilizer In Combined Plots

Cannabis and tomatoes need nitrogen during the vegetation phase, but things get more complicated during the flowering/fruiting stage. Cannabis plants need magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur, plus nutrients like amino acids, humic acids, and fulvic acids. 

Tomatoes need calcium for optimal blossom health and a small amount of humic and fulvic acids.

Since they share similar needs during the vegetation phase you may use the same type of macronutrient-rich fertilizer on both plants. Once they start to blossom or bud, you’ll want to change things a little. Granulated and liquid fertilizers with specific elements can be easier to manage and deliver to individual plants.

Special Considerations With Combined Plots 

Most popular cannabis strains and tomato strains can grow together, but some may prove problematic. For example, tomatoes that grow on vines may find the strong stems of nearby healthy cannabis plants perfect for scaffolding and try to climb them. You should also consider the following factors carefully. 

Sunlight Competition – The plant that grows fastest, tallest, and largest will usually win the fight for sunlight. This will inhibit the growth of nearby plants by putting them in the shade. Make sure to plant cannabis far enough away from tomatoes to make sure both have sufficient sunlight.

Root Competition – Both plants generate strong root systems that will fight each other, so don’t put them in the same container. Turning the soil between the plants can help to prevent root competition. Tilling or plowing between plants can help to keep the roots apart, stimulate growth, and promote good soil health.

Calcium – Tomatoes need more calcium during the flowering phase, but calcium can interfere with how cannabis absorbs certain nutrients. Too much calcium will make cannabis leaves turn yellow and brown and wither.

Growing Tomatoes Alongside Cannabis

Wasted Nutrients – When delivering plant food during the flowering stage, make sure to use an appropriate brand with the right mixture of nutrients for each plant. Individually targeted applications can help prevent you from wasting money and resources. 

Wasted Water – Cannabis needs more water than tomatoes during the vegetative stage. Too much water may hurt your tomato crop, harming leaves, roots, and fruit. Take this into account if you plan on using an automatic watering system.

Fallen Fruit – Fallen tomatoes may increase the acid level in the soil, which can be harmful to cannabis. Remove fallen fruit before it has a chance to decompose. 

Some Final Notes

Along with tomatoes, other vegetables can grow alongside marijuana as long as you understand their requirements. Not everything is suitable, however, so make sure to do your research. An error can mean a ruined crop or buds that have an unusual taste. 

Also, while marijuana plants may pick up scent and flavor from some plants nearby, the transfer of properties is one-way, and vegetables cannot pick up the euphoric qualities of cannabis. Fruits and vegetables grown alongside cannabis will not contain THC so you can eat them without fear of failing a drug test. 

Happy Growing!

Growing vegetables with weed can be a rewarding pastime that requires practice and willingness to learn from your mistakes. But with the right attitude and perseverance, you can have your bud and enjoy your tomatoes too.

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