Cheese Strain Seeds

Delve into the distinct world of Cheese strain seeds, renowned for their unique aroma and deeply satisfying effects. This guide is dedicated to those curious about the savory flavor notes and enduring popularity of Cheese strains.

As a cornerstone in the cannabis seed community, these seeds offer growers a combination of reliability and quality. Uncover the nuances of these seeds that have captured the attention and palates of enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring a rewarding growing experience and a rich, flavorful harvest.

cheese cannabis seeds

Blue Cheese Feminised


Blue Cheese (formerly Blue Funk) is a marijuana strain that has won many admirers in recent years. It is a hybrid cross of 2 very well-known strains viz. Cheese and Blueberry. Cheese is a particularly aromatic and potent phenotype of Skunk #1 which was nurtured within the confines of a squatter collective near London in the early 1990s. It has since been crossed with an Afghani indica to increase yield and resin production. Blueberry is a wonderful strain containing genetics from Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan.

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Cheese Diesel Feminized


A fusion of the legendary Diesel and Cheese strains, Cheese Diesel feminized seeds have a lot to offer. They mature into compact plants with thick foliage. You can grow them indoors and outdoors, but the latter produces bigger yields.
The buds are bright green and dense. The appeal of these nugs lies with the thick layer of trichomes that decorate them and the bright orange pistils that stand out. They’re fragrant, emanating a blend of Cheese, Diesel, and fruity aromas.

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Killer Cheese Dawg Fast Feminized


This pungent beast was conceived by crossing the Cheese Dawg with our Killer Kush Auto.

Thanks to the well balanced properties of Killer Cheese Dawg Fast it is a fantastic option to help relieve symptoms of depression, stress, and ADD/ADHD.

Killer Cheese Dawg Fast responds very well to LST and SOG techniques, flowering in only 7 weeks and producing up to 450g/m².

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Strawberry Cheese Autoflower


Strawberry Cheese autoflower weed has tons of flavor and boasts super relaxing effects. Find delight in the creamy, berry-flavored buds, soaked in trichomes. This indica dominant strain gets dubbed a desert strain due to its captivating scent, taste, and sedative effects that send you off into a deep sleep.

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