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The Beauty Of Colour: How To Grow Purple Cannabis Buds?

Here is how to grow purple cannabis easily.

How to Grow Cannabis in a Cold Climate

If you're living in a cold climate, you can still grow healthy cannabis plants at...[Read More]

How to Grow Cannabis in a Small Space

Cannabis can grow and thrive in all kinds of places, small ones included. Here's everything...[Read More]

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Best Nutrients for Outdoor Grow – Cannabis

What's are the best nutrients for outdoor grow cannabis plants?! Well the answer is simpler...[Read More]

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EC to PPM Conversion Calculator

This handy little calculator will help you convert EC and PPM reading with ease. Type...[Read More]

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How to Grow Cannabis from Seeds

Regardless of what type of seed you have - autoflowering seeds, feminised seeds, etc -...[Read More]

How to Measure EC & PPM and Grow Healthier Cannabis

Measure ppm to know if you're giving your plants enough food.

When to Start Feeding Your Cannabis Flowering Fertilizer

How do you know it's time to switch to a flowering fertilizer. Let's find out!

Reefertilizer Start Giveaway – Photo Contest

Learn more about Reefertilizer Start and enter to win our photo contest!


6 Ways to Grow Denser Cannabis Buds

How do you get denser buds? Here are a few easy and cheap ways to...[Read More]

6 Helpful Accessories for Growing Cannabis

Adding these items to your grow room can help make your life just a little...[Read More]

How Much Money Will I Save by Growing My Own Cannabis

Start-up costs for growing cannabis can range from free to many thousands of dollars. How...[Read More]

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6 of the Best Companion Plants for Cannabis

Did you know? Growing specific plants next to your cannabis can help them grow better....[Read More]

How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis? – A Timeline

Want to know how long it takes to grow weed?


5 Strains Of Cannabis Anyone Can Grow With Ease

Whether you're a beginner or not, it's nice to be growing a strain that can...[Read More]

Why Do Cannabis Leaves Turn Yellow & How To Fix

Why are my leaves turning yellow? Let's find out!

7 Big Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Everyone starts as a beginner, that's why it's awesome to learn the potential pitfalls as...[Read More]

When and How to Flush Cannabis Plants Before Harvest

Flushing plants of excess nutrients and salts is an old cannabis growing technique that is...[Read More]

When to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants

Learn the right time to harvest your cannabis plants and how timing affects quality.