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Space Bucket Update – Cannabis Harvest Time

Here's the long-awaited result of the spacebucket build. So how well did it do?

6 ways to be more green when growing cannabis

Is your grow as green as possible? What do you do to lower your carbon...[Read More]

How to Grow Cannabis at the Cottage

Are you thinking about growing cannabis up at the cottage this summer? Here are some...[Read More]

Granny’s Molasses Ginger Cannabis Cookies (Recipe)

Here's an amazing recipe for some cannabis infused molasses cookies. I guarantee they are a...[Read More]

How To Prepare Cannabis for Edibles

Learn how to prepare cannabis infused butter, coconut oil, and alcohol!

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How to Calibrate a pH Pen

You gotta take care of your tools! pH pens need to be calibrated every so...[Read More]


When should you start feeding your cannabis plants fertilizer

You need to feed your cannabis nutrients. But when do you start?

Spacebucket Update – Fan Adapter + Humidity, Temperature, and Smell Control

A space bucket is an awesome way to grow one cannabis plant at home. Here...[Read More]

How To Setup An Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent – A [DIY] Guide by Reefertilizer

What are the components inside a grow tent? Let's go through each crucial piece of...[Read More]

Caring for your Cannabis Sprouts – Growing Weed Week 2 & 3

Here's what to expect for weeks 2 and 3 of your cannabis grow. Let's talk...[Read More]

What is Mycorrhizae and its Benefits?

Mycorrhizae is a fungus that can greatly improve the health of your cannabis plant. By...[Read More]

Week 4 – Transplanting Cannabis

Let's talk about transplanting cannabis plants! Transplanting your plants to larger pots can help you...[Read More]

Best fertilizer for cannabis in soil

This is a must-read for anyone who grows in a soil medium.

Week 1 – Cannabis Seed Selection and Germination

Let's start growing cannabis! This series chronicles growing one cannabis plant from start to finish....[Read More]

Choosing Fertilizer for Weed

Fertilizer for weed can come in many forms. Growing without any will result in smaller...[Read More]

How to Build a Space Bucket

A Space Bucket is a great way to grow one plant when you lack the...[Read More]

What are cannabis terpenes and how to maximize them in my grow?

Terpenes! Terpenes! Terpenes! It's a hot topic these days. Learn how terpenes affect the flavour...[Read More]

What’s the difference between powder fertilizers and liquid?

Liquid nutrients or powder nutrients? Which one is the best for you and your grow?

How do I Fix Over Fertilized Cannabis Plants

Over fertilized cannabis is a common issue among new growers, but with quick action your...[Read More]

Best Soil for Weed

What makes a good soil for cannabis? Let's talk about the three big considerations for...[Read More]