How Much Weed Can Be Harvested From One Cannabis Plant

Are you thinking about growing your own cannabis? If so, you’re probably wondering how much herb one plant will yield. This is usually the first concern on the new grower’s mind.
Starting your first grow can be very exciting, but if the harvest at the end isn’t the size you were hoping for, then the entire experience can leave you feeling disappointed. It’s not just a matter of using the right cannabis nutrients, there are several factors that will determine your final yield. To help you understand yield quantities, we’ve put together a few helpful points for your grow.

How much weed can you get from one plant?

Under a 200 watt LED light source, a beginner can expect 50g – 100g of bud. An experienced growing can double that.

Let’s Talk About Variables

The result of each grow is the product of specific variables throughout the growing process. Environmental factors like type and intensity of lighting, good soil quality, and the appropriate amount of air ventilation all play important roles in how well your plants will grow.
Aside from these variables, there is also the need for proper grow equipment that will maintain the correct environment for the plants. And let’s not forget one of the most valuable factors in raising healthy plants – the amount of time you tend to them! To achieve maximum results, tending to your plants is often a daily chore.

Large autoflower plant

Top 4 Biggest Factors For Final Harvest Weight

1. Light

The amount and type of light your plants receive will directly affect your final weigh in after harvest.

2. Length of Veg Time

The longer you plant is in the vegetative phase, the bigger it will grow. Just be careful not to run out of space if you’re growing inside a tent.

3. Planter Size

The size of your planter will determine how big your root system can grow. The bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. A 5 gallon planter is a good place to start. A 15 gallon planter or larger will support a fairly large plant but will be harder to move because of its weight.

4. Using The Right Nutrients

Cannabis needs the right nutrients at the right time to help buds grow nice and big. Using a fertilizer specifically designed for cannabis (like Reefertilizer) will guarantee your plants are getting the right micro and macro nutrients as they need them.

white widow week 5

a new grower should expect a range between 0.25g to 0.5g per watt of light

Know Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break your yield, especially with indoor grows. With the more light power you can supply, the bigger your yield will be. The very high watt grow lights are often expensive, but you usually get what you pay for.
A lower wattage LED light might be all that’s required for your particular needs.

Generally speaking, having the goal of 1 gram of weed per watt of light is what advanced growers expect. However, a new grower should expect to see something more in the range of 0.25g to 0.5g per watt of light.
If you’re getting significantly less than this, then it’s time to look at other factors like the size of your room, air ventilation, and how these two factors relate to the amount of CO2 the plants have access to. It’s recommended that one cannabis plant get at least 200 watts of light.

Know When to Switch from Vegetative State to Flowering

Remember, knowing when to make the switch is critically important to your yield. Choosing the wrong time can significantly affect the amount of bud your plants will deliver.

Cannabis plants will spend the vegetative stage growing a little bit each day. When growing indoors a plant can stay vegetative and growing for as long as your giving it the right amount of light.
Most growers will let their plants stay in the vegetative stage for a month, any longer and they might outgrow their environment.

Once a plant is switched to flower, it will have a slight growth boost and then stop growing altogether. During flower, the plant focuses on bud growth only. It’s because of this switch you change your nutrients to Bloom fertilizer, the nature of the plant changes. Switch your photoperiod plants when they are looking 80% of your desired size.

If you don’t want to play around with lighting schedules, try growing an autoflower strain.

A few weeks after flower

Once a plant is switched to flower, it will have a slight growth boost and then stop.

What About Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowers are great because they will always flower at a set time and they don’t grow as tall as other plants. This makes them perfect for growing in closets or smaller rooms.
There’s one drawback, autoflowering plants will produce smaller yields than photoperiod plants. Due to the longer vegetative period, photoperiod plants have a higher yield potential.
Because of their limited grow times, new growers shouldn’t expect more than 3 ounces per autoflower plant. Experienced growers could expect a yield of about 12 oz per plant.

Trainwreck autoflower
cannabis grown outdoors

Do Outdoor Grows Yield More?

Outdoor plants typically grow much taller and can result in larger yields. If the outdoor conditions are favorable to your plants, you can easily see a pound of weed per plant.
Of course, as with everything, there are pros and cons to every grow method. The pro with outdoor grows is there is less upfront equipment cost. The con is your outdoor grow is subject to more pests, diseases, and the weather conditions that are out of your control.

If you decide to pursue an outdoor grow, use containers (measuring at least 10 gallons) and make sure your plants have a minimum of two meters of space between each other. Just like an indoor grow, they will need the right amounts of water and nutrients.
Be mindful of pests and diseases, which can strike outdoor plants more easily and frequently than indoor plants.
Remember to germinate the seeds indoors starting the process early. Give your plants a good head start indoors before planting in the spring, this will result in larger plants and a bigger yield.

A Word About Possession Laws

Before you start your grow, you’ll want to check your local regulations. Most of Canada is limited to 30g in a public space. However, with private possession there is still no limit put in place with the exception of Quebec (150g) and British Colombia (1000g).
Remember, cannabis can only be grown legally from seeds purchased from an accepted, legal supplier like the Ontario Cannabis Store. Additionally, laws can change at any time, so always be sure to keep track of the regulations in your local region.

For growing cannabis, all provinces in Canada allow up to 4 plants per household. The only exceptions for this rule are in Manitoba and Quebec where growing is only allowed with a medical marijuana license. In the USA, growing laws vary from state to state. In legal states the limit to plants per household is 4 to 6. Better check with state laws before starting your grow.

With the right amount of time and care, you can produce a solid yield with each harvest. The grow process takes effort and knowledge, and nobody gets it right the first time. But with experience comes wisdom. By following a few simple guidelines, you will be on your way to the best grow possible.

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