Customer Questions – Fighting Thrips and Mites

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Answering Your Questions About Thrips and Russet Mites 

Here’s is some of the advice we gave our customers when they asked us how to deal with the common cannabis pests. When you see bugs on your plants it’s important to act quickly before they get out of hand.

Identifying and Eliminating Russet Mites

Question: What kills russet mite eggs?

To target russet mite eggs effectively, it’s important to use a method that can penetrate the eggs’ protective layer. Since russet mites and their eggs are particularly tough adversaries, here are a few strategies that growers often use:

Horticultural Oils: Products like neem oil can smother the eggs and adults, though its effects may be limited, and repeated applications will likely be necessary. Neem oil must be used with caution during flowering, as it can affect the taste and smell of your buds.

Insecticidal Soaps:
Soaps designed for pest control can also be effective against mite eggs. However, it’s crucial to apply them thoroughly, as they only work on contact.

Biological Control: Introducing beneficial insects, such as predatory mites (e.g., Phytoseiulus persimilis), can be a safe and natural way to combat russet mite populations. These beneficial mites won’t harm your plants but will feed on the pests and their eggs.

A popular product many cannabis growers use is called Crop Defender 

When using products to eliminate pests and their eggs, always follow the label’s instructions and apply them meticulously, ensuring to cover all parts of the plant, especially the undersides of leaves where mites tend to dwell.

In a homegrow scenario (like a grow tent in your bedroom), it’s essential to prioritize treatments that are safe for indoor use and won’t compromise your health or living conditions. Always ensure proper ventilation, especially when using oils or soaps, to mitigate any harmful fumes or odors.

russet mites
russet mite damage

Identifying and Eliminating Thrips

Question: Hey I have a question about thrips. How to eliminate them . I have 3 autoflowers in a 3×3.

Here are some steps you can take:

Physical Removal: You can manually remove thrips by gently wiping them off the leaves with a damp cloth. Also, pruning away heavily infested areas can help reduce their population.

Sticky Traps:
Blue or yellow adhesive strips can be placed around your plants to catch adult thrips.

Natural Predators:
Introducing beneficial insects such as ladybugs or lacewings to your grow space can help control thrip populations as they feed on them.

Insecticidal Soaps:
Mild solutions designed for plants can be effective against thrips without harming your cannabis. Be sure to spray both the tops and undersides of leaves.

Neem Oil:
This is a natural pesticide that can be used against thrips. However, avoid using neem oil when your plants are flowering, as it can affect the smell and taste of your buds. Buy Neem Oil On Amazon

This is a natural substance that is also effective against thrips and can be used during the vegetative stage. Always follow the instructions for proper dilution rates and application frequency. Buy Spinosad on Amazon

Remember to carefully follow the instructions for any treatments, and avoid applying them during flowering unless they are safe for use in that stage to avoid contamination of buds.

Consistency is key, so make sure you apply your chosen treatment regularly until you are sure that the thrips are gone.

For more information on managing pests and keeping your autoflowers healthy in your grow space, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guides and resources:

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Remember, preventing pests is always easier than dealing with an infestation, so keep your grow space clean and monitor your plants closely. Happy growing!

Thrip Damage

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