Reefertilizer® Start Cannabis Soil Conditioner

Improves Nutrient and Water Uptake
Made for Soil and Coco Coir
Nurtures a Living Soil Environment
Enhance Root Growth From The Start

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Feed Your Soil and Build Happy Roots

Build and Feed a Happy Living Soil

Reefertilizer® Start was created to improve soil quality. Millions of beneficial bacteria and organisms live in the soil. These helpful little guys keep soil pH under control and help plants absorb nutrients efficiently. Many potting soils are lacking in this department. Reefertilizer Start helps feed organisms in the soil increasing their population. It also builds mycorrhizal fungus networks that protect roots from drought and improve their ability to take in water and nutrients.

Build a Healthier Happier Soil For Your Weed

Add Before Transplanting
Mycorrhiza grows best when in direct contact with root systems. This friendly fungus protects roots and improves water and nutrient uptake.

Start Cannabis top dressing

Monthly Top Dressing
Kelp meal as a top monthly top dressing nourishes beneficial bacteria in your soil.

Reefertilizer Feeding Chart

Easy Weekly Feeding Schedule

Reefertilizer likes to keep things simple. Feed your plants once a week and top up your soil with Start once a month.

Some folks split the weekly dose and feed their plants twice a week.

If you need more or less nutrient solution, just use the same ratio no matter how much water you’re using.

If you accidentally overfeed your plants, you can easily flush your medium with water.

Organic Kelp Meal and Mycorrhizae? Yes Please!

Our Reefertilizer™ Start formula contains organic sea kelp and mycorrhizal spores.

When these dry granules are used during transplant, they can help build helpful fungal structures that grow with your roots called mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizal spores have an easier time propagating when in direct contact with roots.

The kelp meal is chock full of beneficial micronutrients, amino acids, and natural growth hormones. A monthly top dressing is all you need to help feed and bolster the living elements of your soil.

Start kelp meal and mycorrhizae in scoop

A healthy living soil will be able to better support your plants’ ability to uptake water and nutrients. Microbes in your soil help balance pH and provide natural tools to help your plants metabolize nutrients.

Providing these essential elements early on will help your plants establish a strong root zone as quickly as possible.

We source the highest quality organic mycorrhizae and compost from reputable Canadian suppliers.

Reefertilizer Start is not recommended for hydroponic, aeroponic, or DWC since it’s not water soluble.

Reefertilizer Start Cannabis Soil Top Dressing

Organic Brown Sea Kelp Granules
Mycorrhizal spores (Rhizoglomus irregulare) 2 spores / g

Guaranteed Analysis
(A fancy way of saying total weight by volume)

Total Nitrogen (N)2%
Available Phosphate1%
Potassium 2%

Reefertilizer® Start

Soil amendment and top dressing made from organic sea kelp granules and mycorrhizal spores.
Organic sea kelp is packed with beneficial amino acids and growth hormones. Mycorrhizal fungus improves the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Not to be used with hydroponic systems, but works great with coco coir and soil.
One bag provides 33 applications.


This fantastic fungus grows symbiotically with all sorts of plants including cannabis. When these spores are close to the roots they begin to grow. Slowly a fungal structure grows that will protect roots from drought while improving nutrient and water uptake.

organic sea kelp for plants

Brown Sea Kelp

Not high in NPK but packed with micronutrients, growth hormones, and amino acids. Organic sea kelp will feed microbes in your soil. Happy microbes create an ideal environment for nutrient availability.

What Our Customers Think of Reefertilizer Start

1-4 of 4 reviews
  1. Grow and Bloom work great. I am not sure if Start is helpful of not.

  2. It did cause a little bit of nutrient burn.

Reefertilizer Starter Soil Recipe

This soil recipe is great for starting seeds or planting cannabis clones. Most potting soils from your local garden center will do the trick. Bump up its quality by adding compost, perlite, and Reefertilizer Start.
These amendments help add beneficial microbes to your soil, improve water retention, and builds a mycorrhizal network further improving your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and water.

Here’s Our Recipe For a Fantastic Starter Soil
  • 2 Parts – Potting Soil
    (Most store brands will work. Visit your local garden center and look for a vegetable mix)
  • 2 Parts – Manure or Compost
    (Sheep, cow, or horse manure all do well. Well-decomposed garden compost is also great. Both are full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria.)
  • 1 Part – Perlite
    (Helps retain moisture and enhance soil structure)
  • 3 Scoops of Start for every 4L of soil
    (Mycorrhizal spores improve root performance and kelp meal to help feed your soil bacteria and young plants.)

Mix these ingredients well and add a little bit of water making it slightly moist.

Includes Getting Started Guide 

We created our products to make it easier for folks like you to start growing their own cannabis at home.

We provide our Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Cultivation free with each order and to our email subscribers.

Learn the basics of growing weed; from germinating seeds, caring for your plants through veg and flower, as well as processing that harvest you worked so hard to grow.

Mike of Reefertilizer inspecting a cannabis plant

Written by Mike Drouin; an experienced cannabis grower and co-founder of Reefertilizer nutrients.

The guide is also available for sale individually or on Amazon.

Beginners guide to cannabis cultivation

Question and Answers

The Reefertilizer difference

What makes Reefertilizer Start different from other kelp meal and myco products?

Our products are designed for cannabis and for ease of use. Start can be added to any type of soil or soilless growing mediums making it more versatile than other products. Many premium potting soils contain small amounts of myco spread out through the medium, roots need to find their way to a myco spore before they can inoculate themselves. By using start as a starter soil, your plants’ roots are inoculated sooner, resulting in faster growth.

Give it a try yourself and see why our customers love using start with their seedlings and clones.Our goal at Reefertilizer is to get more folks growing their own cannabis. Reefertilizer provides easy-to-use and affordable nutrients along with straightforward guidance and support.
We designed our products to be lighter and have less packaging than our competitors and we’re happy to offer a 30-day return policy if you’re not happy with our products.
We’re not “big fertilizer”, we’re just three guys who love growing and using cannabis.

When to feed cannabis plants


When do I start feeding my plants Reefertilizer Start?

Start can be used at any point while growing cannabis. If your plants are already established you can apply Start as a top dressing.
Ideally, you would add some during transplant as a seedling or before flowering. You can re-apply Start as a top dressing monthly to help feed your soil and bolster the microbial population.


Measure cannabis nutrients

How much do I feed my plants?

Start with 3 scoops in the transplant hole when putting your seedlings into a bigger pot for veg or flower. Every month add 3 more scoops as a top dressing.
Don’t plant your seeds directly into Start or they might be harmed. Reefertilizer Start is not a soil replacement and it can be too strong for young seedlings. 

Take Your Grow To The Next Level

feed you soil and cannabis plants

Reefertilizer Start Is Just One Part of a Balanced Diet

Reefertilizer was designed to make growing amazing weed at home easier than ever. The Reefertilizer grow kit will feed your soil as well as up to 8 plants with no need for additional inputs.
When all three are working together a successful harvest is easier for beginners and advanced growers.

Reefertilizer nutrients for cannabis Start Grow and Bloom outdoors

64 reviews for Reefertilizer® Start Cannabis Soil Conditioner

Customer Images

Image #1 from Brian
Image #2 from Brian
Image #3 from Tony Shook
Image #4 from Andre
Image #5 from Andre
Image #1 from Brian


Awesome results and always so helpful

Image #2 from Brian


Awesome results and always so helpful

Image #3 from Tony Shook

Tony Shook

That stuff works great,my first auto flower

Image #4 from Andre


I use it when transplanting. I also topdress before every watering when my plant are in seedling stage.

Image #5 from Andre


I use it when transplanting. I also topdress before every watering when my plant are in seedling stage.

Image #6 from Ronald Victor

Ronald Victor

I used the Start, following the directions to the letter on a Bakerstreet Indica seedling immediately after the very successful germination. Something has gone wrong as the seedling is now 22 days old and appears to be stunted. I’m Trying to nurse it back to health but it should be a lot bigger. The Cotyledons weren’t right from the start but I’ve managed to keep it going. The leaves are a good colour and the stalk looks good. I don’t know what went wrong with this one but I’ll keep it going. I’ve provided a picture for your assessment.

Image #1 from Brian
Image #2 from Brian
Image #3 from Tony Shook
Image #4 from Andre
Image #5 from Andre
Image #6 from Ronald Victor
4.8 Rating
1-5 of 64 reviews
  1. Most vital part of the grow %100

  2. Awesome results and always so helpful

    Image #1 from Brian
    Image #2 from Brian
  3. That stuff works great,my first auto flower

    Image #1 from Tony Shook
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Reefertilizer Start Soil Conditioner
Reefertilizer® Start Cannabis Soil Conditioner

In stock