Reefertilizer® Bloom Flowering Nutrients


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Reefertilizer® Bloom Flowering Nutrients


Nutrient blend designed for flowering plants.

Promotes dense bud growth and terpene production.

Feed weekly by mixing a few scoops in water.

One bag is good for 4-8 plants.

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The Powerful Powder For Flower

The All-in-One Powder For Plants in Flower

Reefertilizer® Bloom is the final step of our feeding program. Powerful chelated fertilizer provides immediately available nutritional elements to your plants.
Enhanced with calcium and magnesium, Reefertilizer Bloom will help fuel flower development and terpene production. One bag will help grow up to 8 plants.

Easy Weekly Feeding For Flowering Plants

Start feeding your plants Reefertilizer Bloom when you switch lights to 12/12 or when preflowers appear.

Flower Weeks 1-31 scoop mixed into 4L of water
Flower Weeks 4-82 scoops mixed into 4L of water
Additional Flower Weeks2 scoops mixed into 4L of water
1-2 weeks before harvestFlush plants with plain water
Reefertilizer Feeding Chart

How to Mix & Apply Reefertilizer Bloom

Add the necessary amount of Bloom to a small glass of warm water.

Mix Bloom into the water until mostly dissolved.

Mix solution into water for feeding or reservoir.

Mixing powder fertilizer for cannabis
cannabis fertilizer

Powder Fertilizer Crafted for Flowering Plants

Guaranteed Analysis
(A fancy way of saying total weight by volume)

Total Nitrogen (N)5%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)30%
Soluble Potash (K2O)20%
Calcium (Ca)4%
Magnesium (Mg)3%
Boron (B)0.02%
Copper (Cu)0.05%
Iron (Fe)0.10%
Manganese (Mn)0.05%

Reefertilizer® Bloom

When your plants begin to flower, their nutritional requirements change. Early on in flower, the plant will use its stored nitrogen for a quick growth spurt. After this short period, your plants will need nutrients with a higher ratio of phosphorus and potassium. These elements will fuel flower growth.

Reefertilizer Bloom also provides micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium. These two elements are common deficiencies and are proven to increase bud size and help terpene production.

Macronutrients For Plants in Flower

Micronutrients For Plants in Flower


Includes Getting Started Guide 

We created our products to make it easier for folks like you to start growing their own plants at home.

We provide our Beginner’s Guide to Home Cultivation free with each order and to our email subscribers.

Learn the basics of growing your favorite plant; from germinating seeds, caring for your plants through veg and flower, as well as processing that harvest you worked so hard to grow.

Written by Mike Drouin; an experienced grower and co-founder of Reefertilizer nutrients.

Beginners guide to cannabis cultivation

What Do Our Customer Think Of Reefertilizer Bloom?

Based on 169 reviews
1-5 of 148 reviews
  1. Best stuff I ever used. These nutrients kept my plant alive and no yellow leaves at harvest time even after flushing with water only for the last two weeks. My buds were nice and big and firm and smelled great too. I credit my grow to the nutrients from this website REEFERTILIZER and will be using these nutrients for as long as I’m around lol and their around as well. Now I’m smoking the finished product and the smell and flavor of the buds are spot on I highly recommend these nutrients they are safe and do the job they are supposed to and easy to use as well.
    Thanks Guys

  2. Very satisfied. Looking forward to getting the whole system for next spring

  3. Image #1 from Robert Adams
    Image #2 from Robert Adams
  4. Great product. Used both bloom and grow. Worked amazing on my photos as well as the autos.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  5. Image #1 from Chris Curiel

Questions and Answers

Are synthetic fertilizers harmful?
Microbes in soil feed off the same elements provided by organic or synthetic nutrients. Avoiding over-fertilization and maintaining the right soil pH will keep soil microbes happy. Organic inputs like Reefertilizer Start will feed the microbes in your soil.

When overused, synthetic fertilizers can end up in wastewater adding to agricultural runoff. That’s why having healthy soil is important. In healthy soil, plants are able to absorb more nutrients meaning you end up with less in your waste runoff.  

What makes Reefertilizer Bloom different from other bloom boosters?
Other bloom boosters usually need to be used with a full NPK fertilizer. Reefertilizer Bloom has a NPK ratio perfect for plants in flower as well as all the other micronutrients in bloom boosters.
Enhanced with calcium and magnesium, Reefertilizer Bloom reduces the number of additional inputs you might need.
Our goal at Reefertilizer is to get more folks growing their own high value crops. Reefertilizer provides easy-to-use and affordable nutrients along with straightforward guidance and support.
We designed our products to be lighter and have less packaging than our competitors and we’re happy to offer a 30-day return policy if you’re not happy with our products.
We’re not “big fertilizer”, we’re just three guys who love growing consumable plants.

When do I start feeding my plants Reefertilizer Bloom?
When you start to see flowers begin to form around the nodes (where the branch meets the stem) you can switch to feeding your plants Bloom. For autoflowers, this is usually 3 or 4 weeks in. For outdoor plants, this is usually around July or August in the northern hemisphere.

How much do I feed my plants?
Start with 1 scoop (5ml) for every 4L (1 gallon) of water. Feed each plant weekly with enough of this solution to fully saturate the soil and have a bit of runoff. You can water your plants as needed in between feedings. Some folks split the dose and feed twice a week. Both work fine, pick whichever method is easier for you.

When I mix the Bloom powder it doesn’t dissolve completely, what gives?
What you’re seeing are left over stabilizers in the powder. These stabilizers are inert, completely safe, and won’t harm your plants or injectors. They will slowly break down over time in your soil or coco mediums.

Can I pre-mix these nutrients?
Because these are chelated nutrients they don’t do well being mixed into water and stored for long periods of time. The elements within the solution can react with each other and lower the effectiveness of the fertilizer. A few days is okay, but anything longer than a week might not be a good idea.

Get More From Your Plants

Reefertilizer Bloom Is Just One Part of a Balanced Diet

Reefertilizer was designed to make growing amazing high value plants at home easier than ever. The Reefertilizer grow kit will feed your soil as well as up to 8 plants with no need for additional inputs.
When all three are working together a successful harvest is easy to achieve.

20 reviews for Reefertilizer® Bloom Flowering Nutrients

Customer Images

Image #1 from James
Image #2 from Chris Curiel
Image #3 from John B.
Image #1 from James


Very satisfied. Looking forward to getting the whole system for next spring

Image #2 from Chris Curiel

Chris Curiel

Image #3 from John B.

John B.

Great stuff.

Image #1 from James
Image #2 from Chris Curiel
Image #3 from John B.
1-5 of 20 reviews
  1. Very satisfied. Looking forward to getting the whole system for next spring

  2. Image #1 from Chris Curiel
  3. Used this last season with fantastic results.

  4. First harvest. Things west better than expected.

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