The Role of CO2 Enrichment in Cannabis Growing

As with all life on earth, cannabis has a set of requirements that encourage healthy growth and strong yields. Among these essentials, carbon dioxide (CO2) might not have been high on your radar, but it should be.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of CO2 enrichment and its pivotal role in amplifying the natural growth cycle of your cannabis plants.

CO2 and cannabis

Understanding CO2’s Role in Cannabis Cultivation

Plants, including cannabis, require CO2 to perform photosynthesis—the process that turns light into chemical energy. During photosynthesis, plants take in CO2 from their surroundings and, using light energy, transform it into the sugars they need for growth and development.

Normally, plants draw CO2 from the air around them, which typically contains about 0.04% CO2. However, in a controlled growing environment, providing additional CO2 can encourage your plants to photosynthesize more efficiently, assuming light and temperatures are also at optimal levels.

Cannabis plants in particular can benefit from higher CO2 concentrations because they are capable of utilizing this extra CO2 to grow more vigorously. In the wild, CO2 levels are enough for normal growth, but in the perfection-seeking world of a cannabis grower, boosting CO2 levels can lead to even better growth rates and a significant increase in production.

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The Benefits of CO2 Enrichment for Your Plants

Boosting the CO2 levels in your grow room can offer several advantages that go beyond mere plant survival. When done correctly:

  1. CO2 enrichment can lead to faster growth rates as your plants can perform photosynthesis more intensely and for longer periods per day.
  2. With the right balance of light and water, higher CO2 levels can help your plants produce more energy, meaning that they can develop bigger and stronger.
  3. Cannabis plants that receive a steady supply of CO2 can produce more buds that are denser and possibly even more potent.
  4. Additionally, CO2 enrichment can sometimes allow for higher growing temperatures. Generally, higher CO2 levels mean that plants can tolerate and thrive at higher temperatures than they might otherwise. This can make controlling your grow environment a bit more forgiving.
CO2 for Cannabis
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How to Give Your Cannabis More CO2

When looking to supplement your cannabis plants with additional CO2, there are varying methods from simple homemade solutions to high-end commercial systems. Let’s explore these options, breaking them down into DIY, budget-friendly, and commercial solutions.

DIY Options

For those who enjoy hands-on projects or are on a strict budget, creating a DIY CO2 generator might be a viable option.

A popular method involves using natural fermentation. By mixing sugar, water, and yeast in a container, you can create a reaction that emits CO2. This mixture should be placed in a container with a lid that allows for CO2 to escape through tubing, directing the gas towards the plants.

Another approach is the vinegar and baking soda method. Here, you slowly mix baking soda into vinegar which releases CO2, but this strategy requires regular maintenance to keep CO2 levels steady.

Remember, DIY methods often lack precision and may not produce consistent or measurable CO2 levels. However, they can be a good starting point for small-scale grows or for growers who want to experiment before investing in more expensive equipment.

Cheaper Options

For growers who prefer a more cost-effective and less labor-intensive approach than DIY but aren’t ready for commercial systems, there are intermediate solutions. CO2 bags or buckets that utilize fungi or compost are convenient and can be hung or placed strategically around the grow room.

These typically contain a substrate that promotes the growth of mycelium or other organic matter that slowly releases CO2 over an extended period. These options require little maintenance and offer a more controlled release of CO2 than some DIY methods but will still be less precise than commercial systems.

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Commercial Level Solutions

For serious growers looking to closely manage their CO2 levels, commercial systems offer precision and ease of use. These systems can include CO2 tanks or generators that burn natural gas or propane. They come with timers and sensors to maintain optimal CO2 levels automatically.

These solutions offer the advantages of monitoring and controlling the release of CO2, thus ensuring that your plants always have access to the right concentration for optimal growth. Although these systems represent a larger upfront investment, the potential for increased yields and product quality can make them a worthwhile addition for commercial operations or dedicated home growers.

Monitoring and Controlling CO2 in Your Grow Space

Achieving the right balance of CO2 is critical for promoting healthy growth in cannabis plants. Here’s how you can monitor and control the levels of CO2 in your grow space:


To ensure your plants are receiving the optimal amount of CO2, you’ll need to monitor the levels regularly. CO2 monitors are available for this purpose. These devices give you real-time readings of the current CO2 levels, which is crucial for making adjustments. Some advanced monitors can even log data over time, allowing you to see patterns and make more informed decisions.


Managing CO2 levels typically involves a CO2 regulator that is connected to your CO2 tank or a controller for your CO2 generator. These devices can be set to maintain a specific level. A reliable method is to use a timer paired with a CO2 regulator to release CO2 at specific times of the day, usually when the lights are on since this is when plants perform photosynthesis.

Automated systems can also be set up to adjust the CO2 release based on the readings from your CO2 monitor. This ensures that plants constantly receive the right amount of CO2 without the risk of over or under saturating the environment.

Safety Tips for CO2 Enrichment

Using CO2 in your grow space comes with significant responsibility. To ensure safety while optimizing plant growth, consider the following tips:

  • Never enter a grow room during a CO2 release or while CO2 levels are elevated. High concentrations of CO2 can be harmful to humans and pets.
  • Always have adequate ventilation systems in place in case of a CO2 buildup. This can help remove excess CO2 efficiently when necessary.
  • Ensure your CO2 equipment has safety features like automatic shut-off valves or leak detectors to avoid the unintended release of CO2.
  • Be aware of the signs of too much CO2, such as headaches, dizziness, or shortness of breath, and be prepared to ventilate the area promptly.
  • Keep all CO2 tanks securely fastened in an upright position, and check regularly for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions and local safety regulations when installing and operating CO2 enrichment systems to ensure they are used correctly and safely.

By closely monitoring and controlling CO2 levels and observing key safety practices, you can create a thriving environment for your cannabis plants, optimizing their growth and health while maintaining a safe space for yourself and others.

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