High THC Autoflower Seeds

Get ready to explore the dynamic world of high THC autoflower seeds, where ease meets potency in an impressive display of genetic craftsmanship. For cultivators and enthusiasts alike, these autoflowering strains pack a serious punch, delivering the powerful effects of high THC content without the need for meticulous light cycle management.
Ideal for those looking to streamline their grow process without compromising on the cerebral buzz or body relaxation that high THC levels provide. Dive into our curated list of top-tier autoflowering seeds that promise a low-maintenance grow with a robust finish.

high THC autoflowers

White Widow Auto Feminized


White Widow first appeared in Holland at the beginning of the 1990’s and quickly became a hit in all the coffee shops and not long after, around the World.

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Bruce Banner Auto


The Bruce Banner autoflower seeds name’s misleading if we’re talking about effects. The namesake doctor-turned-superhero is a ball of stress and anger. Its cannabis counterpart is a relaxing, luscious herb that takes you straight to cloud nine.
To be fair, this cultivar is as powerful as the green superhero. It’s also massive and green. The breeders at Dark Horse Genetics had the right idea while naming their superstar, after all.

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Grapefruit Auto Feminized


She grows very beautiful with light green leaves producing a nice yield with impressive, dense, dark green, resin covered nugs.

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Skywalker Haze Auto Feminized


Skywalker Haze Auto is one of the very strongest auto-flowering Haze strains in the world. Skywalker Haze Auto was created by crossing Skywalker Haze with an auto-flowering Amsterdam Amnesia. It is a sativa variety with a big harvest potential.

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Zkittlez Autoflower

Zkittlez Autoflower


Zkittlez autoflowers firmly follow indica growth trends. They stay compact and bushy their whole lives. They are great at growing indoors or outdoors. Because they are autoflowers, they can be grown outside any time of summer as long as night-time temperatures stay above 50.

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Gorilla G4 Auto


Gorilla G4 Auto is a highly-productive cannabis plant that adapts to any growing environment. It produces about 400-600 gr/m2 indoors and 70-300 gr/plant outdoors. The buds are ready for harvest within 8-9 weeks of flowering, ending up fully loaded with resin, making it an excellent option for lovers of indoor growing.

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