Cannabis Glossary – Slang & Grow Techniques

Dive into our page dedicated to cannabis growing slang and techniques, where each term is explained to help you become a more knowledgeable grower. Learn about practices and common grower lingo that pave the way for a thriving cannabis garden.

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“I got 5 on it”

This phrase isn’t directly related to growing but is commonly used in cannabis culture to indicate when someone is willing to contribute money towards purchasing cannabis.

“Trim Jail”

A term growers use to describe the long, repetitive process of trimming cannabis buds after harvest. It’s called ‘jail’ because it can feel endless and confining due to the time and precision required. Having some friends help and a pile of good movies to watch can help time fly.

“Two more weeks”

A common phrase among growers indicating that their plants need approximately two more weeks of growth before they’re ready for the next phase in the growing cycle, often used in the context of the flowering stage. It’s used as a tongue in cheek catch all term.

12/12 Light Schedule

This refers to a lighting schedule for indoor cannabis cultivation where the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day. This light cycle is used to trigger and maintain the flowering phase in cannabis plants.

Banana or “Nanners”

This slang term describes male pollen sacs that appear on female cannabis plants, typically due to stress. They resemble small bananas, and their presence can lead to seeded flowers if not removed.


This term describes a growth pattern in cannabis buds where they grow in a tower-like shape, often due to heat stress or genetics. While it may look unique, it can indicate the plant’s environment needs adjustment for optimal health.

foxtailing cannabis

High Stress Training (HST)

Any technique that involves intentionally stressing a cannabis plant to influence its shape and growth, such as topping or super cropping. These methods can lead to a more desirable plant structure and potentially higher yields.


Stress in cannabis plants can be due to a variety of factors such as lighting issues, temperature fluctuations, or improper watering. Recognizing and managing stress is essential to keep plants healthy and productive.

Tacoing Leaves or Canoeing Leaves

These terms describe the undesirable curling of cannabis leaves into a U-shape that resembles a canoe or taco shell. It is often caused by environmental stressors like excessive heat, light stress, or inadequate watering.

canoeing cannabis leaves

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