What makes Reefertilizer better than other nutrients?


With Reefertilizer, only two products are needed for your entire plants growth.

No need to mess with A, B, micro and additional solutions that all need to be added seperately.

Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom contain all micro and macro nutrients required as a powder. Liquid nutrients need to be added seperately because they react with each other when in liquid form. Reefertilizer’s powder nutrients don’t have this problem.

Concentrated powder fertilizer also has a much longer shelf life and won’t lose potency.

cropped cannabis clones

“Reefertilizer is some top notch stuff for your plants”

  • Terry – Portland Grower


Reefertilizer offers unmatched value when it comes to plant nutrients.

With a cost per dosage much lower than competing liquid nutrients, you’ll be saving money with every grow.

Save time by using a single fertilizer for each stage of growth instead of 2-4 different products.

Our re-sealable bags can be stored airtight without worry about them becoming any less potent over time.

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“Amazing Value for the price!!”

  • Dylan – California Grower


Because Reefertilizer is a powder, it weighs less than our competitors liquid nutrients.

Lighter packaging and lighter nutrients mean they are easier to ship, reducing their carbon footprint.

Our packaging is also recyclable. Since your using less products, your helping reduce your environmental impact.

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“The product is working better than I expected just 5 weeks in”

  • Marc – Ontario Grower

Buy Reefertilizer today and start getting better yields with our easy to use powder nutrients!