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  1. This is the easiest and best way to feed your plants, the mixture of chemicals and organic, organisms and bacteria to take care of your babies the right way , easy mixing ,easy measuring and dosage to give your plants just the right nutrients at the right time to produce amazing results
    The plants I have added have three to four more weeks of flowering yet but they look and smell amazing I started her flowering at just 6+ weeks of veg you can keep them small and start flowering with photo period strains depending upon how much room you have happy growing ?

  2. Best stuff I ever used. These nutrients kept my plant alive and no yellow leaves at harvest time even after flushing with water only for the last two weeks. My buds were nice and big and firm and smelled great too. I credit my grow to the nutrients from this website REEFERTILIZER and will be using these nutrients for as long as I’m around lol and their around as well. Now I’m smoking the finished product and the smell and flavor of the buds are spot on I highly recommend these nutrients they are safe and do the job they are supposed to and easy to use as well.
    Thanks Guys

  3. This was my second season growing with Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom. Last year’s yield was outstanding and this year’s was even better. It’s a perfect combo for a small crops (I do 8 plants grown outdoors in 5 gallon pots). Can’t wait for spring!!

  4. I have used many other awesome products however, Reefertilizer this 3 step feeding program is in a class of its own, is an absolute fail proof product… any experience level can grow amazing cannabis with ease if this is your absolute first time or you’re 100th successful time. Not to mention the customer service and the information available on how to use these products is second to none. This is an absolute must have in your growing arsenal. I can’t stress enough, it takes out all the guess work of having measuring nutrients like Cal mag, pk ,adding stackers or extra soil amendments it’s all right there in this 1-seed-2-veg-3-bloom-step program.. there’s the starter which is absolutely excellent for starting seedlings/clones and young plants and then for the veg stage there’s a veg fertilizer that does exactly what it’s supposed to do and grows amazing healthy plants and prepares them for the flowering and guess what when they get there there’s a bloom product.

    Don’t take my word or anybody elses let reefertilizer 3 step speak for itself!

  5. Very satisfied. Looking forward to getting the whole system for next spring