Reefertilizer Starter Bundle


Save Over $25 With This Bundle!

Reefertilizer Starter Bundle
Reefertilizer Starter Bundle


The Perfect Bundle For First Time Growers!

Reefertilizer Trio

Reefertilizer Nutrient Kit

Our nutrients are quick and easy. Feed your soil and plants with our complete nutrient system for growing in soil or coco. Start, Grow, and Bloom.

Journal TRANS

Reefertilizer Grow Journal

A small paper journal to track the progress of your grows. This journal is easy to write on and has enough entries for 20 plants.

Includes Grow Guide PDF (3)

Digital pH and EC Meter

An essential tool for all growers. These digital meters will help you monitor the acidity and mineral content of your water or nutrient solutions.

5 pack Fabric Planters

Five Fabric Planters 

These 5 gallon washable and reusable planters can be used both indoors and outdoors. Fabric planters allow air pruning which improves root health.

Reefertilizer’s Beginners Guide To Cannabis Cultivation (Digital Download)

Step-by-step instruction on almost every aspect of growing cannabis at home indoors and outdoors. Learn everything from seed selection to processing your first harvest.


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