Reefertilizer Harvest Bundle


The gear you need to harvest, dry, and cure the buds you’ve been growing.

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Reefertilizer Harvest Bundle


Cannabis drying rack for sale

Cannabis Drying Rack

Drying your buds evenly is important for a high-quality final product. These collapsable drying racks hang very well in an empty closet or grow tent. They can hold up to 3 pounds of fresh bud. Place buds evenly on each layer without overcrowding for best results.

Trimming Scissors x2

Whether you do a dry trim or wet trim you’re going to need a sharp pair of scissors to harvest and manicure your buds. These spring-loaded scissors prevents your hands from cramping up during long periods of trimming. There are two in the harvest kit so you can get a friend to help you or soak a pair in alcohol while using the other.

Large CVault Cannabis Storage Container

This durable stainless steel container will hold up to an ounce of dried cannabis. These containers provide an air-tight and dark environment to cure and store your cannabis without sacrificing quality or flavour. We have a larger 2L size available that can hold up to a half pound.

Clip On Magnifier

Get an up close and personal view of those buds. This magnifying tool can help you determine the ripeness of your cannabis buds. Knowing the right time to harvest can have a big impact on your final product. The clip is removable and can fit onto most phone cameras (phone not included).

Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack

Storing your cannabis at a constant humidity and temperature will keep your buds tasting fresh longer. Boveda packs are leaders in cannabis humidity control. This size 67 pack will keep a pound of weed fresh for up to 2 to 4 months.


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