Boveda Two-Way Humidity Packs

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Boveda Two-Way Humidity Packs

Keep Your Weed Tasting Great for Longer!

These small packages are used by many professional cannabis cultivators. Storing your weed at the right humidity levels will keep it potent and smoking great longer. All you need to do is place the appropriate size pouch in your weed container.

What’s amazing about Boveda packs compared to similar products is their ability to hold and release moisture dynamically. If your buds are drying out the pack releases moisture and if your buds are a little too wet they will suck out moisture. This keeps your buds at a balanced humidity level.

Which Size Boveda Packs Do I Need?

Boveda packs come in a few sizes. The size you choose will depend on the size of your container and how much weed is in it.

Size 4 – Good for containers with up to 1/2oz of dried cannabis. Coming Soon

Size 8 – Good for containers with up to 1oz of dried cannabis.

Size 67 – Good for containers with up to 1lb of dried cannabis.

Size 320 – Good for containers with up to 5lb of dried cannabis. Coming Soon


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