Electric lettuce, wacky tobaky, sticky icky, chron, turf, doobage, or just your neighbours “tomatoes”…


No matter what you call it, we can help you grow it!


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About Us

Reefertilizer is a family-owned and Canadian built company.
Our goal is to empower people to grow the things they need instead of buying them.

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Reefertilizer nutrients for cannabis Start Grow and Bloom outdoors
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Easy 3 Step System

Growing your 4 plants at home is only as complicated as you make it. Reefertilizer simplifies the grow process by breaking it down into 3 stages. Our nutrients our crafted for use from seed to flower.

Expert Guidance Along the Way

It takes time to learn the process on your own. Contact us at anytime for guidance and support. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect we growers around the world.