Digital USB Microscope


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Digital USB Microscope


Simple but effective USB microscope for monitoring the progress of your cannabis plants.

Great for taking pictures and video of trichomes by providing a minimum 50x magnification

Works on Windows and Mac PCs

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This USB digital microscope is perfect for inspecting cannabis plants for signs of gender and ripeness of trichomes. Observing trichomes is the most accurate method of determining when your plant is ready to be harvested.

The manufacturer claims a 1000x magnification, which seems a little optimistic. 50x – 200x is probably more accurate. Regardless it does a great job capturing images of trichomes.

Inexpensive yet functional, this microscope will allow you to take pictures and video on a Windows PC, a Mac, and Linux systems.
The USB microscope can be adjusted manually and has 8 white LED lights to provide a more detailed image capture.

To operate, plug the microscope into your computer. Open your favourite video/image capture software like VLC. Place your sample on a stable surface. Remove the protective cap from the microscope. Place the microscope over your sample and adjust the focus to your desired level.

It’s also fun to us this microscope to look at other things around the house.


Male cannabis closeup
Dry cannabis bud magnified
Cannabis node magnified
cannabis trichomes magnified

This high-resolution digital microscope are widely used in industrial inspection, scientific research, skin inspection, textile inspection, jewelry inspection, printing inspection, insect observation, learning and exploring, money check, etc.
Small and lightweight, pocket size for easy portability.
The top has a dust cover design, which is opened when in use and closed after use to effectively isolate dust.
The body is designed with a focusing wheel, which makes it easy to adjust the focal length.
With 8 bright LED lights.

Material: ABS+metal
Color: black
Pixel: 300000 pixels
Magnification: 50-100X
Photo resolution: 640*480P
Focal length: manual focus 3~60mm
Image format: JPG
Video format: AVI
USB interface type: USB 2.0
Support system: for Win Vista/7/8/10, for MacOS X 10.8 or higher
USB cable length: 1.5 meters
LED light: 8pcs
Item size: 112 * 32 * 32mm / 4.4 * 1.3 * 1.3in
Item weight: 85g / 3.0ounce
Package size: 140 * 60 * 40mm / 5.5 * 2.4 * 1.6in
Package weight: 100g / 3.5ounce

This product is not waterproof, please pay attention to storage and use.

Package list:
1 * Digital Microscope with USB Cable
1 * User Manual


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